heart we.

AULD LANG SYNE to my dear teacher, PN. GOH BENG EAN.
she has left us. she retired today. saad saaaad! and today
im crazy nuts. i hate them.
*the bitches*


why me?

mom is nagging me to study add maths more and everyone in class 4A seems doesnt like me to be around and they think im not existed. what the fark right! arghh. tension sial!!!!!!!!!!!


Here I Am

me and sis and ajam went to ou, bought mak bday present, that is j.lo still perfume. and bags. i bought marion raven cd, kakak bought jeans at topshop and ajam bought shirts from the same shop. and when 12 am arrived, we celebrated it, with orange cake. happy right? yeah. mak dah 52 tahun. nak tengok anak anak nya kawin and membesar ngan kejayaan. can i give her. yes. i will.

went to KLCC by LRT, with nazreena, was fun yet crazy. ehe. yes. we met new friends, that's john i think his name, was a college student,he was behind us at the Meet The Sessions of Marion Raven, fun fun. IM - FIRST ASIAN AND MALAYSIAN. to get her autograph here in KL.yes. it was funnn. yes. and serena c intro me to marion. okay, naz and me went back earlier that ever. 3.30pm yeah. :D hehee. Later that night, after i watched AF 3 Week 4 concert, which FUAD went out, im so happy giler. i hate him cause he is zahid's wannabe. anyway, after that, me went out to ASIA CLUBS and PARK. yeah, teman kakak. MUBIN drove the estima, that's his car. yeah, mune and faris also ada. faris is mubin pilot frens. yeah, kakak senior's during her DU time. yeah. and mune is mubin bro, he just finish his spm last year and me, still schooling, sucks. ehhe, we went there to lepak kejap and then played foosball, best sangat. hahaha. lama dah x main. ehehe. we exchange teammate for while. yes. over all, mubin was the most terrer ones. yike. haha. well, after that, off to home at 2 am. yes. i think it was kinda late for school boy like me. ehhee. after all, im going to sit my spm or O' level next year, sabarlah, kejap je nak jadi above 18. ok! ehhee.

Here i came to J.W. Marriot.went there from kj lrt to sentral station and took monorail to bukit bintang, hehe. dah selalu buat macam tu. yeah. then jumpe yasmin and nazreena kat sana. best! yes. the showcase started at 3.10pm and it was hilarious. best best best best.suke suka gila. her voice damn cun la. :D ehehe. then makan. and then balik off to kj.
tumpang naz, thanks to mak naz and thanks everyone. :D

that all for now, hope you happy and enjoy seeing the pics that i will show to you all.




break you

yes. break you. atau dalam bm- patah kamu? yeah. maybe its sounds weird but
true. break you. i wanna break you. saya sudah kata dalam hati. pernah sekalik,
nak putus asa masa diri dilanda pelbagai masalah. solutions- commit suicide.
itu dlm fikiran. bile fikir, yea. it is a sin to do. even christians believe so. saya sudah penat nak menjamah kehidupan ini. diperlakukan, dipergunakan sewenang2 nya. yeah. if ada chance, why not be someone else for a time kan. yes. i tried to be someone else, tapi, cannot, i am still myself. nah. can't change. well, today was fuck up days. i really been so crazy. watch *tuuut* and blahh. nothing to do exactly. penat. yes. well, mak bayah and uncle rahmat arrived from penang to keramat and now here, ttdi. they were lost around 5:18. sadness, i had to pick up them at ibm that. yeah. naik teksi. mak ai. bukan main mahal betul tambang sekarang, cekik darah. meter naik kpd rm 3. lebih baik saya jalan kalau tahu awal2 lagi. pedih hati but its ok. because of my aunt. whatever is alrite. yeah. maybe rasa gila sikit. butr yeah finally we arrived at my hse.
*yeeepy* but the sadness is, they're leaving on the day i'll be throwing a bash party. sad kan. tak rock batu betul. ehehe. anyway yeah. i forgot to write about seremban. yeah seremban was bored and sucks again. i hate seremban and pd is much more coolies than there. yeah. ok. nanti kami
sambung. ciao