know what,

wisdom of today : We choose our joys and sorrows long before we experience them. - Khalil Gibran.

well, today, penat doeh. pegi skolah. aiseh man. only 17 came. well. that's sucks and girls ramai nak mampus ponteng and 3 girls je yang came. ok fine. class was CrAzzyy to the max. okok. we had to arranged the tables arcoding to the alphabets. as usual zainal afnan. last person n in the last row. sucks. ahhaha. so kay. well. tadi i go n pray kat masjid du. khusyuk sial. ahhaa. jemaah la katakan. well.. ntah ar. cam okay. and while waiting mak at aunty ros hse. i lepak at naz hse. kejap je. cite2 pasal us lah. :) ehhee. tu jer

and now. still havent bath. :)
and lastly; poem for you.

Life has no purpose,
Hearts fall apart.
Words have no meaning,
Love does not take part.

Souls die, needing,
Sounds aren't worth hearing.
Spirits are in hiding,
Touch has no feeling.

Whispers aren't silent,
Eyes can only cry.
Laughs are forbidden.
Without you,
I shall die...

written by Obukwor E.Bigjoe.

see ya in 3 weeks time.




no wisdom; im feeling awful.

sorry jiar! for my facts :) not that im anti-daniel.

bad bad. :) sorry!



wisdom of today: Men are cruel, but Man is kind. - Rabindranath Tagore.

the 60th. okay. i don't understand why today i feel so, restless. morning, penat and feeling so malas nak pergi skola ok. wateva. la. well, nothing fun happen today. well; the best part was when i got to sleep after school :) haha. penat. i've been layaning fana, minarni and raja sms till now. :) penat
but so kay la ;) hehe. enjoy. haziq said i look like a doll after i shave. well, it is true. macam anak patung gila. ahaha. lol well; who cares. some says i look younger, and better than having the janggut and those. ahha. olrite.. :) and suddenly petang tadi; abang came into my room, while i was sleeping, he said, tgk ni.. *a 2nd hand ipod mini* ehe. coolio. blue colour. well, i had to share with him, so kay. don't mind laa. :) ehhe. now im all bored! ah! help me! geezz.




wisdom of today:That Love is all there is, Is all we know of Love. - Emily Dickinson.

Today; not friday, but a funday. ahha. well, i woke up late; yes i am late person! mengaku je i am late person; the reason - bangun lambat, tido lambat, mandi lambat or traffic jam. i am mat lambat but i am the fastest among my siblings. haha. well; i datang skolah yang ampun; very the late, 7.25 am baru arrive; nasib baik mr.long was just nak datang to the gates. scary. i said good morning teacher then ran off.. yeah! actually i wasnt that late. cause the assembly was not even start yet when i arrived. ok cool. so suddenly joyce came to me; zainal, can you help to pics. i was like ah, suddenly pop up like a chicken ahha. well, okay, i did it, took several pics of pelantikan pengawas pusat sumber and perasmian ecard. ok. fine. done. well, i was the one who masok kelas dulu, and please, bluek!

* story close *

okay, actually we only learned Science, History and listening to Pn. Tang talk, abt new age man. was so cool; go and grab your star paper yesterday issue. okay? well. okay. was crazying. ok during bm, we did something fun. ahha no! we have to take all the bendera and the stupid triangle flag out. ok fine. the whole class did it. cool; but everyone ( the junior ) was like wtf? so damn cool can ponteng class. ahah. but 15 mins before recess, we; me,roger and king onn was trying to to unfold the craziness fold triangle flag. i hate norashmin, he did this, tapi langsung tak tolong, fuck up kau. okay done. then went to recess and have fun!

* done *

ok afterschool, went home, haziq n i walk back to my hse. penat. fuhh. aha. ok. well, he like you know terlampau gilakan she . ahah guess je! and i was like okay go on! and we're talking abt ***** n ******. lawak dow. ahha and arrived to my home, haziq n me onlining. ehe u know what, boleh dia chat ngan jasmin use my account and said; ko boleh gi blah tak from my life.
and later, i have to apologize to her. shit! haha. okay. well, i on my comp show him some stuff; and done. our eyes not even innocent nemore. fine. then, i was sleeping for 10 mins while he was replying msg thru fresnter. wth. hehe. suddenly i woke up and said ; eh aku tgk yg filipino cam x besh. he said, ko tgh horny ke ahahha. i was like fuck. i hit his arm ahahha. so ok. then he went back. ahaa.

* done *

after blahkan haziq, i chat ngan zati. she said someone like me bla2 ask me to go out laa. ahaha
and that someone is the one i've been liking. ahaa. ok. and skang n tadi petang, im chatting wif her. so loong! haha. okay fine.

* done *

ok, let's puke after reading this.



grad :)

wisdome of today: A man who doesn't trust himself can never really trust anyone else. - Cardinal De Ratz.

Kakak is GRADUATING TODAY! love you to bits! she is the bombastic fella. :) i love you very much, and the present i gave you the other day; kept it! :) eheh. well, i'll update more after this afternoon! :)



ahha; waited 4 hours you know; really tired. ehe. penat dowh. nak tido. eheh well, i met nazirah just now at UiTM. she's so wow. nice; fabs. :) wonderful.

and now the preview as i promise;

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

wow; love my sis very much! congrats kakakku; zakiah hanim the crazy beautiful.



wisdom of today: I shall tell you a great secret my friend. Do not wait for the last judgement, it takes place every day. - Albert Camus


why vote for DANIEL-the most ugliest voice ever? after all; u shud vote for FARAH. i vote for farah more than anyone did. well, im so depressed by this. Farah; no matter what; you are the winner of our hearts. yes. she is so the gorgeous. and DANIEL is a totally a loser, pathetic, and im sure the grand finale - Nita will win. :) better than DANIEL. fuck daniel.

*story close*

and now; let's talk abt Anugerah Era that held yesterday.

Over all, it was lame, BORING and sucks. except the parts when siti's won and perform.
she was so goddess. and her performances with Too Phat was FABS. and a credit to MEL C for bringing up the house. she's the bomb- Next Best Superstars. are you? aha.


today; watch movie with haziq and azhari. the movie; like the other movie; one or two will be save from the problem. aha. stupid movie ; THE CAVE. watch it. i suggest DONT. im feeling so boring now. and this evening, while i was having a good chat with exaty; mak ask me to go to send the pics. ok fine. i left my msn away. and i sempat gi makan KFC with ajam while mak went to aunty chah ( habsah hassan ) house, a km . ok. then went back at 7.20. i saw that she already off line. sadness. tgh cerita panas nii! ehhee. lol. okay fine. and no matter what; tomoro im not goin to school. kakak is graduating from UiTM. happy! :)



se7ven me.

wisdom of today: The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen, nor touched ... but are felt in the heart. - Helen Keller.

Taken from jiar's blog. :) here something you doesnt know abt me.

Seven things that scare me.
1. to lost someone i love.
2. being fat.
3. katak.buaya. hahaa.
4. stalkers..
5. hurt someone feelings.
6. being a jerk.
7. being someone which i am not

Seven things I like
1. myspacing.
2. makan! - a must.
3. sms-ing
4. starbucks.
5. local music.
6. diana krall songs.

Seven important things in my room
1. my pillows :)
2. computer.
3. my cigarattes.
4. my books. :|
5. wardrobe..
6. window... yess!
7. my mamak stall light.. crazy? yes.

Seven random facts about me
1. i've been call - sissy. which i am not.
2. i've been cheated by girls so many times.
3. i don't eat beef. haha. sometimes?
4. im a kiasu person.
5. im a mandy moore fanatic. ahaha.
6. internet is my life. :)
7. i don't like haters.

Seven things I plan to do before I die
1. be kind, generous.
2. have sex.
3. be with someone i love.
4. travel around the world.
5. being a REAL muslim, which i am.
6. rollercoaster ride.
7. being international artist assistant.

Seven things I can do
1. i talk like robots/
2. type sms very the fast
3. i can finish my double big mac in 5 mins.
4. talk harsh abt people.
5. being alive?
6. talk back abt meself.
7. in love.

Seven things I can't do
1. being the person everyone wants.
2. pronounce "r"
3. paint my room.
4. design my webpage
5. being close to someone
6. well, being a good photographer?!
7. diet.

Seven things I say the most
1. OMG?
2. shut up laa.
3. wtf?
4. babi babi
5. celaka.. kimak.
6. washupp.?
7. ehehe.

Seven people who will have to do this:
1. Ashlee Simpson
2. Adah
3. Niksu
4. Khaira
5. Nazreena
6. Sarah / Jane
7. Korang la. Manusia.


a tense.

wisdom of today: Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile. - Albert Einstein

hello my lil secret. today was semi-fuck good day. i was thinking in the morning, go;not. to school. well, actually, i did went to school today. school was okay,fine. not much fun. but, the best was, when i finally. have. a good-actually,a nice chat or talk with britney. ahha. she is in love. with someone. i dont know. :) many happiness to her. and, jasmin's still thinking about why haziq is being an arogant person to her. she asked me ALOT. but all i said, was actually nothing that serious. a comparassion abt what? wtf? ahaa. well, during maths, i was suprised that, you know who came into our class. that maggots!, may ping, lee. she asked pn. wee leng, lee. to change classes with her. wtf? okay. fine. whatever to her. well, let's talk abt her(diana). each time i saw her, my heart beat. not fast but slower. cause; we're actually been together and i think she still in love with me or something. well. riley-farah. she doesnt hate me at all. oh thank u. :) im please to hear that! ehe. that's good. this poem is for someone special. have fun.

Sitting in the dark
silent and alone,
hear the clock ticking,
waiting by the phone.

but the phone doesn't ring,
you aren't going to call.
You lost your feelings for me,
like they never existed at all.
With no emotions showing,
You can be so cold.
No one would ever guess you once
had vowed to love honor and hold.
The love that once shone
brightly in your eyes
is now replaced with hatred
the words are all lies.
The vows that once were promised
now are forgotten and broke.
Words that once were so sacred
now are nothing more than a bad joke



To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly. -by Henri Bergson.

well. suprisingly, yesterday, after 15 mins of studying history,which i started at 8.00pm, i was asleep at my living room. very asleep and i woke up at 10.50pm and i went to my room to have another trip of sleep. until 6.30 am. i feel so fresh! bare that! i have atleast 10 hours of sleeping and it makes me feel so good. and now, i don't feel asleep at all! haha. very good! indeed. just now, aisyah, actually britney, invited me to follow her date today at OU, i said, i cant, i have tuition. what a good excuses im giving. haha. malas doe nak pergi, cam babi je. like i know the guy. hahaa. lol. well, im still feeling that she still has the feeling towards me, imean not riley but diana. my ex. :) miss her. we've been on&off for so many times. haha. here, some poems for her. :)

I'm still awake
where are you
I still cant sleep
my world is spinning

there is a hole in my heart
just there for you
I can t think straight
unless you are right by my side
never in my life I felt so empty
because of you
my love ...
I love you...

- Angel In Disguise



wisdom of today: Tell me who admires and loves you, And I will tell you who you are. by Charles Augustin Sainte Beuve.

actually today was bad-good day for me. well. finally, akmal,boon ming and graham treated me as their friends not enemy. felt good. well, and now i am feeling so i dont know. i hate love. and that's why i hardly get gf. these days, make me realize that love is not REALLY important things, but life is actually the main subject of our life. exam are near. i'll have to rush up and study more. this week is so internet week. been playing for the whole week. i hope i can score atleast 4-5 A's.

this are the subject i think i can score ;
1) BM - paper set by Pn. Zubaidah, it is tough, but i improved alot.
2) English - paper set by Pn. Tang and Pn. Aini, bet it is hard, have to read more literature.
3) Commerce - paper set by Pn May Ping & Pn Fadzliah, i think i can do cause i like it.
4) Agama - set by Ustaz Padzli, the question- would be easy. that's his style.
5) Science - set by Pn.Malathi. have to read it back. might be tough.

and the rest, maths, add maths and account - i dont think i can score. sadly. im not good in those subs. add maths, i can try harder cause i got tuition. and i'll have to motivate myself to work harder so i can get a better life soon, as abang said, next year he will buy me a car if my result is damn cun. :) haha. waiting. don't potong the stim okay.


wisdom of today: Nothing is at last sacred but the integrity of your own mind. by Ralph Waldo Emerson

im digging what you telling, what you want from me.
so i will know the truth what is, may be love. hope me.
cry never will, im digging what you telling me.


lovely tuesday!

what is ISM. indonesia Singapore Malaysia. ahhaa. when all three SEA country combined they names, it will become like that. simple and nice. :) say again, ISM. ha. so cool! and today was a very special day for me. haha. yes. very. lovely day! fun day. and have fun everyone! enjoy!!



i am all bored. this morning, mom gave me RM50. i was like. wow. haha. she said the money is for the week. from now onwards, one week - RM50. better. can jiimat and kumpul wang! soon, i'll be working, so. i will have my own money! huha. can belanja mak a handbag! i want to balas her jasa!!
i remember that i always argue with her abt small things. and i feel weird cuz mum keep asking me, you have boyfriend ah?. gila ke apa. i have gf not bf. haih. gila sih!!! haha
well. now i am happy cause i don't need to think of anyone. im sure that i'll be happy soon!! mimpi yang tak sudah. ahhaa and i read on jiar's blog that she will be working at white sands on nov. good luck, jiar! haha. best habis. and im sure ou nanti will full with my favourite peeps. lala. hahaa


fun <3?

yeah. today was a fun day for me. i enjoyed going out with eena, isma and minarni. :) i went to ou str8 after school and i rush to changed my clothes. and went to gsc. watch janji joni for the 2nd time. lol.
well, after that movie, walk kejap. then they ate their meals at bk. and i went back home to changed my clothes (again). and 3.00 pm met them at the esclator and we jalan2. then tgk Malaysian Idol finalist performances. farah was so fabs. and nita too. btw. farah is my bro's fren. her family and mine are the family friend. :) happy! ahhaa. then we jalan2 again. talk2. and we buat lawak. so. pergi starbucks. bought frapuccino coffee bean caramel. was nice. hehe. we chit chated there for 3 hours. i think la.. lepas jalan2. they amik their bags at the locker. we berpecah to bye bye. me n minarni walk together cuz we're heading to the same way. isma n naz went back 2gether. then, i got a phone called by alyssa. she said she was at movie master. went there, but sadly, dia dah blah. sial kan. ahhaa.
so jalan la. teman minarni balik kat the corner tepi ou. i pun balik! :) that's it!
1.my finger
2.my eyes
3.my nails.
1.im too kind, they say
2.im too honest to be,
3.cakap besar.
1.what do i want to achieve.
2.siapa dia suka.
3.which one does i really loves.
1.back stabbers
2.think they're great.
1.my comp.
2.hp. of cuz
3.my wallet
1.Tiada Ertinya - Nurfatima
2.Girl - Frequency Cannon
3.Berhenti Berharap - S07
2.Be in love
3.Watch movies
1.dia. :)
2.my Ipod. waited so long~
3.wireless connection for my comp in my room
1.Graphic Designer
3.PR / Event Manager
1.My bad habits
2.Sad memories
3.anything yang menyusahkan.
1.have sex. must do!
2.Baca al-quran.
3.Love my mom and family so much.


welcome me!

yes. this is totally a new me. with a new design. i hope you will continue reading my the so called boring blog. but do enjoy olrite. :) well, also. u can view my another blog, which i always keep on writing. - xanga.com/myungwoo .


visit my xanga site



was chit chat-ing with aza. was like. ah, cant say the emotion.

aza~ says:
aza~ says:
kalah la tue
bloc; im yesterday says:
ye ar u menang okay
bloc; im yesterday says:
puas babe?
aza~ says:
yeahh babehh
bloc; im yesterday says:


at the same time, kakak was at home, she called me, anan, come for a while.
i was like, " uh? ". nodded. thinking what she want.

and when i came to her room, she just wanted me to massaged her. lol. her shoulder got something wrong,
i guess.

im layaning her. was that sweet? nah. don't think. having a big sister like that, just killing my chatting time.

and now, i just thinking about her. i shouldn't let she go, i regret. really. and now, im all lonely and not having girlfriend. sad huh?

a chat with...

Fazi--drowned michell says:

tak ngantuk?

bloc; im yesterday says:

bgn awal la

bloc; im yesterday says:

aku esok pose

bloc; im yesterday says:

jap agi sahur la dude

Fazi--drowned michell says:

ohhh, bagu bagus! ni kalau ex ko dgr mesti tertarik hati balik kat ko pasal ko dah la macho, alim pulak tu! ceh!

bloc; im yesterday says:

haha. macho?

bloc; im yesterday says:

blah ar. ahhaa. alim? oh NO!

bloc; im yesterday says:

im not

bloc; im yesterday says:

aku x semayang 5 times laa

Fazi--drowned michell says:

abis 1 jer?

bloc; im yesterday says:

tgk ah.

bloc; im yesterday says:

ko lak?

Fazi--drowned michell says:

usually 4 jer

bloc; im yesterday says:

wah alim babe

Fazi--drowned michell says:

pasal waktu subuh tak terbagun

Fazi--drowned michell says:


bloc; im yesterday says:


bloc; im yesterday says:

hebat ar ko

bloc; im yesterday says:

aku respect

ah. my secret dah ter revealed lak. =)