Al Fatihah

Al Fatihah to Allahyarham Hani Mohsin, an actor, host of Roda Impian ( Wheel Of Fortune's Malaysia version ). He died at young age 43 years old.

Anyway, yesterday, i tried to be nice to her, she buat bodoh, but i and "hair" is fine now, only her is the problem. :) Well, yesterday, our art teacher, pn.rohaizah asked us to form a group for presentation next week. well, i joined the chinese girls group. Why?, i don't want to be in the guy group because they will dependent on me to do the works since they doesnt really know how to, cause i did most of the works when i joined them, so this time, i really wanna a change, so i joined the girls cause they will do the work and they will make it like so perfect! Im a perfectionist, so i like things to be in order and nice. Done.

Today, after school, 1.05pm, i usually end up lepak at the canteen while waiting my bus to come at 1.40pm , so today, sulaiman lepak with me, haha, he's so funny la, then jiar came, jiar was like ohhh,who is that. haha. well, then i kenalkan both of them. then as usual, me and jiar with our gedikness, and sulaiman tot me n her is a couple ! Bloody hell. ahha She's my bestfriend lah. ahhaa ;) then makan-makan then balik.

So, home, watched tv, then sleep and i SLEPT like 4 hours, woke up at 5.52pm damn, i got tuition at 6. See, crazy me. haha. but today is soo bloody different, my whole body was tired, pain. then i tuition pun macam nak tak nak. haha. :)

Then now, finally, weee~ got to use the net. Anyway, read my blog kay. byebye!


another day

another day, i need to change my layout to a normal layout, i get annoyed by this layout, but i dont want to change it tonight cause i have to go to school tomoro at 6.20am my bus come. :)

anyway, my heart's broken and someone please put the pieces back. :) real shit im hurt.

Logikah kita?
Masih begini,
langkahmu begitu,
langkahku begini,

saat kian berbeda,
aku tidak bisa terluka,
kerna kau yang melukai..

dan kini,
aku ingati,
bahwa kaulah yang berdusta,
dalam rasa ini.

Ku tahu,
dan ku perlu berani,
agar menjalani hidup kian hari.

That's a new poem by me. have fun good morning, people! bye



Friendship come and go, Love hurt and shine, Feeling develope and gone.

Still i considering which one to be, or to get out from what is happening around me. I hate her but i don't. I don't love her at all, just feel like you know. Argh. Help me.
I hate to be in the place where there's something that make u feel uncomfortable to do things you wanna do. I wanna finish high school and go to college! Taylor's here i come.

Someone, help me, push me to study please. please!
I need medication of being lazy. Haih.


Happy Birthday!

Today is my dearly sister birthday, Ms. Zakiah Hanim! Happy Birthday kakak. Hope everything you dream will achieve soon. She's working pratical now at some event management company. She's still studying at UiTM doing Degree in Advert. She's been the greatest sister i could ever got.
We share secrets, anything even tshirts haha cause our size almost the same, M. :) well, people always misread me as her boyfriend, i keep laughing to that matter. Anyway, today i have been waiting for her to come back and celebrate at one utama, she's been going out with friends half of the day! Oh damn.

Anyway, I will add some more story later. AF now


tak ada logika

Cinta ini kadang-kadang tak ada logika.
a phrase from Agnes Monica new songs- Tak Ada Logika. of course, she's one of my favourite artist but dislike how she act in drama, sucks. I regret for asking her to go prom with me cause she's been talking bad about me behind my back with another friend of us. Damn, you!

Fine, i will just buat bodoh, and i will not chat with her either the friend of us. She can go and flirt with the whole punk wannabes! Anyway, i'll be sitting on Aida and Amir's table with Mike and friends, which i personally don't know. Well, i heard that Datuk K is a player though. Gila babi hate him la, i heard also and saw the pics of his son drinking beer and clubbing with some GRO's. Fuck, stupid lah. Bapak Borek Anak Rintik. haih.

Im happy that i always have my friends who always there to comfort me when im down or not, they're super the best, my friends whom i can hang out with, my friends whom i can share secrets and of course, kutuk-ing people. haha no la, we didn't kutuk but we do talk about people's life.

At current, many people are being so anti-"mencapap" & "hair", those nicks were given by me & jiar. Even, their classmates totally ignore them for them of being so bitchy. I am a guy and i don't care about them but if you try to tell people that what I am not. You will get serve back from me.
I don't talk about you to people then do the same as i did. Thank You.

Been listening to tak ada logika, it's a nice songs, i rated it 5/5 star! I have finally watched The Da Vinci Code movie, ergh, boring cause what i expected from the movie didnt really come up. sad.
I wanna watch X-Men, Superman Returns, The Break-Up, Devil Wears Prada and The Lake House Story.

Anyway, got to go now, have things to catch up, homeworks, tuition and stuff. I haven't study ok?. So Bye!


i know?

I realisedthat i haven't been blogging THAT much due to my busyness. Well, for now, i'll try my best to always write and blog more. I've been a lazy person these days, my trial is like half more month to go yet im acting like i don't even have any exam this year. I have to change! yes.
I've changed for now, because i see the science student were belajar-ing like they wanna be a scientist someday, laugh but it is the fact!. I can tell who's going to be what and what. I hope i can be what i've dreamed and thought so. well, Im pretty sad cause, my France team lost! well, it doesn't matter anymore, but anyhow, Materrazi should be burn to death! he is a real fucker,
you wanna know what he said to Zizou? here we goes..
Zidane : Ordinanza di tirare il costume!!
( Stop pulling my shirt!)

Materazzi : Taciti, enculo, hai solamente cio che merite...
( Shut up butt fu*ked one, you are only getting what you deserve...)

Zidane : Si e cio...
(Yeah, that's it...).


Materazzi : Meritate tutti ci, voi gli enculato di musulmani, sporchi
( You all deserve it, you butt fu*ked Muslims are all dirty terrorists)


yeah. that's it what he said.. and Fuck italian fans, since when italian know how to play soccer eventually? France always the best! but my favourite team england actually lost to portugal, the team that i hate the most.

Here the chronology of the team i supported ;
first was england- when england lost to portugal,
i started supported germany, and when they lost to what la? forgot =.=
then i supported FRANCE. :) .

Well, i'll be always supporting France now, i hate england now not that much, a lil will do..
Okay, enuf with football cuz im not THAT master in Soccer.

well, i've been liking few songs, and the lyrics were awesome! ;
1) One - Mary J.Blige Feat. U2.
2) Unfaithful - Rihanna
3) Sway - The Perishers

go and dload the songs. ;)

okay i gtg now, bye! Happy Newly-Weds to Be to Siti Nurhaliza & Datuk Khalid(BASTARD)