its what i want right now...

and what i want to be someday...

next week: busy me!

i'll be busy starting on monday... have to settle all the cover shooting for the magazine and ofcourse, i have to find clothes for the shooting... plus im gonna get Fazura for my cover shoot, insyaAllah. only if she is free. Trying to get Liyana Jasmay, Nora Danish... who else do you guys have in mind, why not share it with me...

i dont know whether to get datin natasha hudson or not... she's way too pretty and nothing new abt her kan? just a waste for the magazine if i get her... hmm... amy mastura should be nice... Amy Mastura, Nora Danish and Norish Karman... three different zaman kan? oh, Maizurah Hamzah... lama tak dengar her story lah... might get her too! I miss those memory having to shoot with Amber Chia, Maya Karin and Kris Dayanti, they are just so cool and nice ladies... and still thinking!!!

on the 9th june, im off to Nivea Visage Launching at Jaya 33 with my freelance friend photographer, Kicap or better known as DJ KICHAP SOYA. haha. i gave him that name. DJ.
Well, what else huh? I think im the workaholics person because i dont like to think about relationship or so on, ive fall in love with my job and its destined by the Above, Allah. I guess im better off with being single and just committed with my job, kan? Don't you think so...

Oh, i cant wait for gossip girl season 3 to come out la... been bored at home not knowing what to do except sleeping, watching dvd and astro. bored. mmm, btw, i just bought my laptop charger. yahoo! can on9 like anytime because its been a week since i returned back my laptop charger to my cousin mum because i lost my charger on the last day of my stay at uitm. fuck kan? it is ok, let say what will happen to that person who stole my charger...

i wanna eat pancake, waffle and ice-cream now, anyone willing to spend them for me? nah, just joking... i could just take a cab and eat them at one utama. Tonite(sunday), my cousins, Jojo & Jiji will be having a party for their 20th birthday celebration, the theme is boys in jeans, girls in party dress. Im feeling like i dont want to go but my friends insist me to go since many of my friends is going... argh, i hate when people forced me to do something i dont want but heck, its fine... bagi muka... hehehe... but you know what, on my birthday, i want to sleep all day long... its the best present ever. yes. it will be. =]

ive been listening to songs that i lost when i reformat my laptop last months... ive downloaded them like fuck, banyak sangat to download, nasib i remember all the songs... still have more songs to download... =|

stop here first, leave u with a poem that i just wrote...

Jiwa adalah aku
dalam sanubari aku
hanya lahir untuk kamu
untuk selamanya berdua

Hati adalah kita
milik bersama
kisah yang takkan sempurna
menanti untuk disatukan

Rindu adalah kamu
yang sentiasa inginkan bisikan
asmara yang tersimpan
didalam kalbu untuk dinyatakan

Cinta adalah kita
hanya kita tuannya
takkan ada yang lain
bisa mencuri apa yang kita punyai
sehingga terhenti nafas
itulah yang kita harungi selama ini

Zainal Afnan


dead & bored.

Im dead bored now. seriously. sometimes i think workday is much better than weekend!

Do You Realize?

Do You Realize - that you have the most beautiful face
Do You Realize - we're floating in space -
Do You Realize - that happiness makes you cry
Do You Realize - that everyone you know someday will die

And instead of saying all of your goodbyes - let them know
You realize that life goes fast
It's hard to make the good things last
You realize the sun doesn't go down
It's just an illusion caused by the world spinning round

Do You Realize - Oh - Oh - Oh
Do You Realize - that everyone you know
Someday will die -

And instead of saying all of your goodbyes - let them know
You realize that life goes fast
It's hard to make the good things last
You realize the sun doesn't go down
It's just an illusion caused by the world spinning round

Do You Realize - that you have the most beautiful face
Do You Realize

- The Flaming Lips


Daku Bertahan

Pernah ketika tidur, bermimpi : dapat cgpa naik ke 3.3o gpa sem 4 naik ke 3.67. entah. nombor itu yg muncul.

kini, daku bertahan di pejabat, merenung laptop macam hantu. kerja sangat banyak. makin hari makin banyak kerja aku. makin banyak majlis kena hadiri. makin banyak duit keluar.
haha. pokai aku camni.


Boys, don't cry - plumb!


sony vaio vs macbook

zeathabes: hahahaha
zeathabes: xde sapa
zeathabes: laptop aku buat hal lagi ah
zeathabes: tension
ennapuffy puffy: kene virus?
zeathabes: semakin lembab mcm babis
zeathabes: aku asa
ennapuffy puffy: oh..baik gi format cepat2
zeathabes: tu ah aku kdg2 cam nak tuka laptop jer
zeathabes: geram
ennapuffy puffy: hehe..xpela
ennapuffy puffy: bsaba...
ennapuffy puffy: adat la pakai laptop
zeathabes: ahhahaha
zeathabes: kalau ada rezeki. aku nak angkut macbook
zeathabes: puas hati terus
ennapuffy puffy: hehe
ennapuffy puffy: wahhhhhhhhhh
ennapuffy puffy: nk jugakkkkkkkk
zeathabes: hehhe
zeathabes: tapi aku nak sony vaio
zeathabes: aha
ennapuffy puffy: am..macbook up lagi
ennapuffy puffy: hahaha
zeathabes: tu la
zeathabes: tp harga bai
ennapuffy puffy: hehe
ennapuffy puffy: agak la
ennapuffy puffy: cabut bulu celup mas
zeathabes: tau xpe
zeathabes: bulu konek kumpul2 pun xckup
zeathabes: ahhahahaa
ennapuffy puffy: jajajajajajaj
ennapuffy puffy is typing a message.
ennapuffy puffy: sialllllllll

moral of the story: if you have enough money, just buy a good laptop. Compaq sucks big time!


Masih Jelas

RM100 was given to me just now by a person that i had shooting. haha
Dapat duit sial.




It's Your Call>>

Im happy at the moment with all things in my life. I dont think that i want to change anything bit about it. it feels like im home. I dont know for some people... maybe they havent found themself?
i found mine and im gonna be me for the rest of the times....

and currently, i dont know why the hip-hop songs are really pop-ing up like such a crazzy ass in my mind nowadays... so funny how it could be like that... I dont know what to say anymore.. because my life sucks, i dont have any current stories... and oh, yesterday, we went to have this surprise bday for Ji & Jo's. hoho...

they're turning twenty soon!

Im just bored, i just hope my result for my final examination is good because ive been studying like a hell, only my friends in uitm knows how crazy and hard i studied for the examination!


Can't wait to go to holiday with my friends... nak pergi langkawi? anyone? pd? anyone?

haha... MYOB.



Ok, Im Back

im back. just back. but not in the mood for something.

kinda stress.

;) hehe

try to overcome it!