I'm Back, No?

Salam and Hi everyone!

It's been awhile. Really awhile, no? I've left this blog unintended for so long. A year plus. Let's see how long I've not write any single entry to this blog!

Gila lama kan?

I have been very busy lately for the past one year. Life has changed and i'm moving on to some variety steps of life that offered me. I have met hundred of new friends, lose hundred and yet, i gain few back in return. Alhamdulillah. So far, life has been so full of obstacles that I've gone under and through. Without the blessings of the merciful Allah S.W.T. I doubt that i'll be able to stand here in this world again and able to post an entry to this blog. Syukur!

Somehow, i have come to this stage where i think and i do believe that friends are not longer becoming an asset in life, it's more to as a liability in life... but you do need keep few ones who willing to be there when you're in ups or downs...

As i said, in my past years post, i always concerned on the line, 'Friends come and go, but family stays..." yes, that's so true. My family has been there for me since ever. Well, i gained 2 new nieces in just two years time, Amanee and Alea... Soon to be born, a baby boy! Amin...

Well, there's nothing much about me anymore! Yet, works are like crazy! I'll just stick and focus on works for the current time being.

May Allah bless us all.