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hey life,
is kinda bored here,i really dunoo wat to do besides reading al-quran and im bored still bored..i did pray 5 times a day.sometimes you just feel different. haha.. well i feel a bit dissapointed cause i know if i go to school,nobody will talk to me cause of the stupid fella. hmm well i really bored and i dunoo what to do.. hmm.. im crazy for NOW!i like someone never.. hmm.. im bored im bored!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

be me.

ah! so tired..just get back from cameron highlands.uh..but its such a wonderful trip although its really really tired! hm..just get back.soon im goin to take bath and have my dinner..oh..tomorrow fasting months gonna start!!... so fast haha..well. i've been so many place at cameron such like butterfly farm,strawberry farm and alotsa!..haha..! well i have to go now..see ya later!

First for you.

ME myself and I

this is my first time doing a bloq and i will try to catch up with everything that i own and will think how special i am in this cruel world.haha. damn bored la today. seeing my big bro sleeping bside me while i am playing the comp.