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predict me~

its has been a long journey and time i didnt cope with my bloq,im so so busy these days. im so sad ..happy and things got better sometimes.and sometimes u just don't want people to be around you and you wanna be alone all the time.
and in the morning you wake up and think that you gonna leave the world and be in heaven. stop dreaming like that. cause you just gonna waste your life. well life goes up and down and you just can't predict what happen tommorow. here some saddest word i've read..

what hurts the most was being so close,
and having so much to say,
and watching you walk away,
and never knowing.
what could've been,
not seeing that loving you,
is what i was trying to do..

see ya later pal,



Im so so happy!! cause i got new phone... nokia 3220!! so cool yeah?? hehe... dun jealous.. im kinda bz for raya stuff.. hehe wish u all selamat hari raya eh.. see ya soon!!!

November Love!!

Hey,hmm its NOVEMBER already.. soon im gonna sambut my raya lah!! hehe so happy imean DAMN HAPPY!! hehe.. don't be sad.. happy lah.. hmm well i guess im bored and lonely.. wish someone could save me from this dark!.. hehe hmm my life kinda bored and trirng actually today. i wish i am in NY now.. happily shopping there haha.. well im kinda again silly and really wanted to be happy always. anyway what am i talking crap now. urgh..!
hehe.. gotta go now see ya later..tomoro kay? muaxx