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seremban or singapore+

you all sure been asking what the hell with the title. yeah. i sucked. seremban or pd or singapore.
i planned that next week i wanted to go to singapore for fun, just hook up there, meet some friends that living in that country and bla bla. and this friday until sunday, my mum office are having their
family day which im not so interested in. haih. sadness. well, kelly clarkson songs is just SUPERB alrite. lub( jiar's word) it so much laa. :) ehhee. well, today, i went to one utama, which is just 800 meter from my place. yeah. i bought a new belt +yeeepy+. well, me and qai wen, again without aisyah. she received an emergency call from her village and blaaaa blaaa. so we went to watch house of wax and it was fun. elisha cuthbert my goodness. damn. HOTTTT. :D hehe. chad michael too la. the whole story was crazy yet horror. yesh. it was wow. ;) well, nothing to write anymore.
getcha later.


today i went to art gallery, klcc and national library. it was crazy. i paid for the taxi about 20 bucks.
insane? please tell me yes. :) me and aishah, without britney. it was crazy yet fun. we had really a good experience on travelling KL. :) hehehee we had our lunch at the food court and again we ate at aunty's ann place. well, we hang out, we jalan2 here and there. looking like a foreign from anywhere apart of the world lol. ;) sadness. hehee. one tree hill was was like wow. i pity peyton for
not having any date well, anna realize that dia cam terburu2 je ngan si lucas. and nathan cam tah apa2 je. ahhaa. well, i shall go now. bored bored bored. ;( seeya nitez.


Gd evening. today was crazy. haha. yeah. i think im mad already. well, just now i went to sarah's party and it was cool and i went backed aroun 11.40pm, me,don shue, ivan was the last person to stay. as i
helped sarah finding her mum hp then, it was actually with don shue, we was like finding it like crazy all over the living room. ceh. well, before the party start or whatever. i went to one utama to get something for sarah. then i went to wondermilk, so i looked at this cute diary+journal book then i boought it for sarah, hopefully she will love it la kan kan? ahhaa. erm. the party was crazy but kind bored actually. i had a good conversation with kay aun and nadia, which i think it was fun lar kan...
ehhe. i discover that walking out at late at night was actually crazy and insane. yeah. the dogs bark like hell and we tot got hantu la . that's what chinese believe kan? hahaa. :) well, i have no idea now. see ya. :)

Quando Quando Quando

Gd evening. i say. i don't know what is my problem that seems to be very haunted so. today. i feel so messed up, unusual attitude came out. i hate to be that. i seems to hate everybody including my family,friends and myself so. :( why? i dont know, it just bump out to me and i wasnt sure whether its right to feel or not, im lost, i feeled lonely. yes. well, today, carrie underwood won the AMERICAN IDOL SEASON 4. it was cool, she is so hot, i like her voice when she sang crying.

American Idol 4

isnt that cool. so i cant wait this june 14 which is her album will be on sale. yeah. buy buy. but no money no talk aint that is true? :( well, seeya bye!

Pucker up?

good afternoon! :) well, today was even miserable, exam results came out today, i hatred everyone who wants the marks. im upset aledi, no mood for holiday le. :( erm.. what should i do? i failed my maths totally, no doubt abt it lar. haha. mane mungkin pass kan? haha i hate my maths since ever. :( well, for sure my add maths, accounts pun sesamer failed gak la. :) weeeeeheeee!! hahaa. gile. anyway to aqi, happy belated bday alrite. :) erm. i know that y bm is not alrite since ever, i got 90/100 for paper 1, it sucks me out . aisyah beat me. aiyak. by 1 marks, im so damn bitch. no,i should say that im so damn kia-su . :) that's malaysian + singoprean people are known by. :) haha, anyway guys and girls, you should listen to pussycat dolls la. best gak. and let me go, best sial. my fav.. ♥ them =) hehe nanti i sambung. xde bende nak citer la. ciao. :)

i bruise easily

good afternoon ladies and gentlement. hahaa. so today was a stupid crazy day for me. ada ke patut exam paper add maths cam cibai je. 16 questions yang teramat susah. i cant even do. hehe. cheat la apa lagi kan? :) well, biar jelar. add maths sucks btw. ehe. today newspaper was nothing interesting actually, keboringan. hehe. yeay. esok exam habis! you know what yesterday what i like about you was crazy the mambo tau tak jill jahat, sanggup dia nak lukakan hati gary. shit la jill.haih. anyway vince and holly tak couple. yeepppy!. but henry la bodosh . amik la holly. sweet couple tau tak. eheee. and summerland bestt. finally dr. o keefe and ava couple. hehehee. coolies. they looked cool and comei giler. jap nak tunjuk nie.

summerland cast

Dr. James O' Keefe ( Jay Harrington )

Ava Gregory ( Lori Loughlin )

erm. best kan? haha, lupe i have to show you guys. you will be shock ok. :) haha anyway jangan jealous at first with her. hahahaaaaaaa. be cool. =)

siti nurhaliza pretty pretty ok!

like i…


good afternoon to everyone. as i woke up this morning i remember that i do have to write something for my blogs. :) herm. yesterday was a movie marathon to me. yeah oh no to forget it, ala mcm bangang gila tau tak? and smalam i cannot go because i watch 5 movie and 3 dramas. gila tak? hahaa. memang takleh blah la kan babe ? haha. well, smalam one tree hill best, peyton, aweeku. dia sunnguh cantik kan kan? well, nathan cam happy jer dgr mak dia buat seks ngan professor mak dia, hahaa like. sial la kan? but up to them lar kan. ehhe queer eyes for a straight was hott, john zimmerman. my gosh and his wife- silvia. idea yang bagus for naming my children nanti biler dah besar ok! :) ehhee. erm today kinda bored lar. nothing to do exactly, i wanna go out but no money. how la? :(((( well, my bday is coming la. i cannot wait. im blushing ok! is that crazy or fucked? hahaa. erm. i miss these people so much.

they are my rock. my bestie ever. but i havent show you my schoolmates yang besttt ngan i…

Morning Values

Morning everyone. today i woke up like 11.45am and i think it is worth becuase my body is so damn tiring. yesterday was crazy, i played computer for the whole day,and i think it is sucks. :) cheers. well, when i woke up just now, i just picked up a newspaper to read and i read that there's gonna be a charity gala night : breast cancer which will be attend by vips, ministers and international stars. i was amazed again ( like what happened on 18 march, force of nature ) hehe. expected arrival is paris hilton, pamela anderson, cherie blair; tony blair's wife, jude law,david hasseholf, ivana trump ( mrs trump ). wow. that's some of the name to be name, well, i guess it will be huge. yeah. well, others news is this 18 year old girl who saw her father skin were pulled by a traller yesterday, she just can't get up nicely because her back bone was hurt and she is in pain. she asked the police to help to find his father. i hope the police do their jobs pretty well. yeterday nig…

I Feel.

Hi, life has been so great and ponder, shall i say it? haha. i dont know. well, life is so great to me
and i meant it!. yes, i have love, but im not sure if it will last forever or not, ive no regret to be in the situation. i love her, and i think she love me too, well, people said love is blind, yet why?
looking for the reason, i don't think i can. yeah. let's change the topic, this is ridiculous, i'll have to
buy alots of prezzie for my good friends, for sarah,kah wai, swee ling and many more. and my birthday is coming!. please don't forget to buy prezzie alrite? hahaa ;)
im lucky to have a lot of friend who are very caring, and cool. i love that so. yeah. like no other?