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are you?

are you?.
the last msg i got from someone. what does it means?
it means. dah merdeka? haha.

i don't think so i dah merdeka. i hate to say. yes. having my o level next year.
stress ar. here project. there project. macam apa je.

haih. well, im done for this year life. having so much fun and miserable moments.
all together. that is suck up. macam takde life je. takpe after spm sure lepak zouk je.

confirm spm- add maths, maths. kantoi. :)

for that. im so scared. ok i wanna die now.


para pencinta korean drama. anda harus tontoni. stairway to heaven.
sgt bestt!.

dan kepada pengantin baru,

Datuk Seri nor Azmi, danDatin Seri Normala Shamsuddin.

Semoga Berbahagia ke anak cucu. =)

Gol & Gincu review

entah. saya rasa mcm terpanggil utk memberikan sedikit review mengenai filem
arus perdana pertamabernard chauly. yes. iaitu " GOL & GINCU " . saya secara personally, really enjoy this movie, really. yes, i shall give bernard a credit as a good director and rafidah for her screenplay. i enjoyed gila. i watched it like 4 times. bukan nak ber megah. but seriously, cerita ini lebih jujur and tidak macam filem2 lain. penuh sangat kepura2an. tiada realitinya. cinta anak muda zaman kinibukan mudah untuk difilemkan. yes, kita kena ketahui secara dalamnya. kalau pakai buat film just for fun, lebey baik tak payah buat film. yes. personally anda tidak akan rugi menonton nya. sangat menarik dengan aksi lucu & cool atau selamba para aktres serta aktor nya. sekali lagi, credit saya kepada fazura, rafidah,sazzy, dan yang lain2. cerita ini penuh dengan misterinya. kisah2 yang tersirat,anda harus tontoni. saya tak malu utk berkata, i love this movie la, sebab film malaysia mcm ni, buk…
im emo now. yes.
fuck myself.
i just wanna die.
bye- thank you.


hey me. haha. well, havent write for so long. yeah!!

on saturday, me, haziq,
aisyah, we went to klcc, by lrt. yes. it was ok la. then we round around kl.
we acted like we are a tourists from nowhere. and we had a little fun when haziq
sms-ed aieshah, it was like, oh cool. haha, i hope so they will be in love muahaa. isnt that's so sweet? haha, aisyah was helping him too, hmm. well, we lepak-ed at coffee bean kl plaza, watch the celcom 3G apprentice shows, haha. paula wasnt that "hot" and shamser was like you know, just tall. that's it! not so.. ha. and then we head back to klcc, i met cheeka (my beautifuly cousin), and her friends! haha. aza was so chun la. mak haihh. jatuh cintan ka?, hey hey no no... and diana, as usual, glamour aja! hahaa. then, met bee/ili at dunkin donuts, she's so the comel tau tak, she just wore a braces, just like huei yuih, isnt that is so COOL??! haha. and, i ? still hanging on a string. yeah, got a crush on someone, haha. cant tell!

well o…

bad day?

school was fun, okay? well. we had 5 or 4 free period. i was like, "what?" haha. and this week will
be my last week here in bandar utama damansara 4. pretty sad. dont care liao. =)

i hate strepsil pain relief. sucks. ahhh. well. go and dload a songs by daniel powter - bad day.
cool songs. and ... haha. today. me, haziq, azafiq, arif, isra went to BK OU after school. it was a good chit chated with them since im goin soon.. =)

friday- aerobicthon day. enjoy. was planning to lepak at hartamas. but who have car? drive me!

saturday??? ah. dont know whats the plan. dont bother.


im so.

piss off. haha. the wheather condition is worst. today was worse than ever. ah. can breathe.
today, only 8 people came to class. haih. bad aight. and tomoro it's holiday. im so happy.
wohooo. love you.
why this happened?

ah. my mind is currently blank. why? i cant think of any idea's for english ULBS brochures. shit shit.

and abang bought new laptop, it's dell. shit. he's so rich and can't buy me a mp3 player- which i've waited for so long - iPod Mini. haih. i want to save money for iPod Shuffle. cheaper. RM 436.

okay wat?.


i just think how lucky i am, to be alive and healthy. not wealthy its okay. i believe that i can find someone that i will love forover soon.

it's a pride.

you think? what? i feel jerk. haha. i want to dance. zouk. :) and for her, i'll love.
ah ungu violet tonight. yeayy!


i decide to watch again ungu violet. friday, watched it with naz. today, with family. woheee.

a present from nazreena. from uk.

:) thankyou naz. my best buddy.


i just wanna say. fuck nurdiana bt. basiron. you're kind and hurt me out. thank you. we're over after 7 months of love.

haziq posing with his art work.

i brought my cam to school. just to be a camera whore for today. and it was fun. took several pics. and you can check it out thru this page.
new picture is on.
you will love it!


i score 23/100 for add maths, i feel happy. atleast i get more than 10. haih. and i wish i can improve more soon. tonight, add maths tusyen. hmmph. and this evening, malay tuition would do. haih.

nah. can meet meme, zati, ayid babi, shapeek, qarlis. haha. im being such a dork.

today was an headache day. no. was fun. class been crazy and just being crazy. michael and khairy
or kharioo, kharioo try to act like he was fucking mike thru mike ass. and it was horrible. yack. haha.
but totally un predictable. i was like. " what the fuckk.. ".

sherina asked me when im leaving, i heard she said where are u going to move?,
so i said LONDON. haha , i bluff out so.
she was, hey, im asking you when laaa.
i said ohh. tomoro lah. much better huh. haha.
she said. ya ya. you crazy.

and i laugh. hehe. english was at makmal bahasa or specification name ; Multi-Language Lab.

yes. kharioo tried to fart infront of aiman while he was sleeping, but couldnt. haha. funny.
as we talk in english, and teacher was l…

wake up

ah. finally today finish perdagangan test and project! yeeppy. and i feel happy.
talked to them. hoho.

i dont wanna fuck anyone. yes. you think?

i feel happpppy. a big happpy! you see.


it's so hazey out here. dang.

Come Clean?

test today. damn kao add maths and science. add maths? ah, i sure fail. akmal let us copy his answers, what a crazy friend is. he is damn. he knows the bab 8/9. i didnt study that chapter yet. that's why i said hard. hehe. well, on science, i do well, haha. tapi masa part radioaktif. apa lagi. i check text book. haha. jahat. yes. but everyone did. imean half. :O lol. well, i think today was an okay day for me.

and my favorite songs of the day was pernah by ferhad. go steal, borrow or buy it. nice. :]
and im sure you will like. haziq and aisyah came to my house to use the net. and we chit chated.

that was after history/sejarah class tambahan. haih. hahaa. still. pretty enjoy.

be cool. see you.

doing commerce project.

Apalah dayaku tanpa dirimu

yes. today was cool. august test were held today, supposedly today, commerce paper. but it was cancelled. pn.mariani didnt come. yeayy! well, im sure next week, we would have it back. woho.
later, maths test. it was hard. i was like, " shit. i dont give a damn. i hope i can drop maths, oh god! "
hehe. then. back home at 2.30 pm. late huh? think so. alyssa online today. miss her so much. <333. style="font-style: italic;">nasiwith budu and ikan goreng. it was delicious. lubb it. haha.
kak masiah cooked well. and i wanted to share this lyrics with those who are hurt or heart-broken. or
just broke up. haha. im mean. lol.

Vince - Andai Kau Mengerti

Dimana akhirnya
Percintaan kita
Yang pernah kau belai
Bersama dengan ku
Pernahkah kau tahu
Hatiku pada mu
Kasih yang menghilang
Dalam dakapan mesra mu

(Chorus one)
Adakah ini hanya ilusiku
Nyanyian merdu
Membuaikan diri
Impi lena ku sendiri

Apalah dayaku tanpa dirimu
Menghukum kalbu
Mendambakan kebahagiaan

(chorus two)
Dan biarlah ku d…