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i currently loving my work tho its boring and tiring but then, look back, it actually fun to do so.
you can see couples quarreling, husband and wife loving in shopping time. haha. kids playing round and stuff. i've met alot of people since i work. it make me realise that, this is what is the reality are. ok, cut the crap. he called me, ah. *happy* im not gay olrite. just havent heard of him for so long and actually today i worked full shift and i went around 10.30pm and went to makbul for lepaks and actually i bebuka at Ou's Mamak with Aiman,OP,Kechik,Haziq, and Aisyah. ok fun. ahha. and after lepak at makbul went back to hse, which they did lepak, H and A. and 12.00am nite they cao. and after that, me n bro din and kakak, watched extreme makeover on channel 8. gilak. i seriously tabik spring! hehe. and then watched The Skeleton Keys, haaa. so.. VERY EXPECTED plot. Vooooddooo. hahaha. Vodoodod. ok. watch it if you dare aight! and i will have my raya cuti for almost 7 days, goin…


hi guys! im working! $4 per hour. Fila is the shop, OU is the Mall, come and shop there. :) discount are now on til ?idk. haha. well, first day, tiring and tiring. amat memenatkan. today, i start worked at 10am till 10.42. tiring... sweeped the floor, fold the shirts, check the shoe, bag. haha. really, and i enjoy it!. ehe. i have three supervisiors = mr pang and ms. ken hui, abg khairill. and new workmates - john lean/ from SMDU. form 4. Sub-science class. :)


and i pray that she will be in the heaven with the good people, and our nabi muhammad,and muslims too.

and i didnt expect what happen. i just knew the news after 7pm. OMG. IM SO FCKG. right?!
i didnt want to be sad, cause she did advice the MALAYSIAN, to be STRONG. yeah.
be STRONG! :) she is the most kindness PM's wife ever. :)

and i've watched The Sisterhood of …

if you believe...

.................... that dreams come true,
There's One that's waiting there for you.
'Cause I believed when I saw You
That when you want something enough,
Thren it can't escape Your love.
There is nothing in the world that cannot be...
If you believe.

Never wished for material things;
Never needed wind in my wings.
I never wished for anything but You...oh!
I can't explain it,
Someone just told me,
"Go where your heart is,
You'll never be lonely.".

is it nice. it is a lyrics by rachel lampa, she sing that song, and i like it. :) taken from a walk to remember soundtrack. woho. ehhe. btw, tday, was a wholesome gooday for me. my hse just have a new gate. I LIKE and in LOVE with it! it is so cute and comel. ahhaa. see, i am crazy.
crazy abt gate. hahahaa. lol. and, today, abang bday. Happy Bday Abang, 26th years old. =)
here we go. let me show you the pics.

okay, now. i want to change my hair style. and i have waited it for so long. and you can imagine how i want to look …


hey guys, im back. yeah. ramadhan is a nice month to diet and give the full attention into the solat and ibadah. and i find that it is working out, and for sex maniac, i know you can't masturbate unless you didnt fast. and i still being a person that i am. im listening to i will survive by cake, and it actually mean something to my life. and it is remind of someone. someone i have love for many years. and now, i am all single. haha. mingle. yes, just now, terawikh. ok. i did 8 terawikh. and have to wait for mum cause she did 20. penat gila. and i talked to asyraf bob, adzam frens. budak babe. and i saw aiman-dj's stud. ok. malas nak tegur dia. sebab dia dah poyo. haha. lol. exam math. ok la. i flunk jugak. and tmoro paper 1. try harder. haha. malas la nak study. it is just a finals not spm. haha. okok. and i help naz giving the webs to design her blog entry. im gonna promo her blog soon ok. and to everyone who in love, read my so called poem - " cinta itu hadir ".


wicker love

wisdom of today : How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world. - Anne Frank.

it's been awhile i didnt update in here. yes. it is a ramadhan month. fastings. you will. and i am, fastings too. and i cant wait to finish exam. :))) exam bringing down me. alot, i say. well, yeah past day, i found out that they think, you know the botb. they said im DESPERATE to have a friend by lepaking with aiman grups and so do othergrup. heyhey. i am just being a friendly person. salah ke btw? if wrong, FUCK OFF. mampus la. aku nak kawan ngan sesapa peduli apa. haih. well, well. first day of puasa, always greato. and second day, i cam migrain nak mampus. nak pengsan ada. i hate it when my migrain came back.. sakit doh. and puasaaa amat best. i can menambahkan pahala.
ahhaa. lol. and so on. "tell me how much you love me?..." . to someone who read this. you know who you are. thank you. well. i will leave some poem. so be good and i'll be b…