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Happy New Year 2006

two more days to go. entering 2006. the last chapter of me at school. yes. i am so happy and scared. i will be so nervous and like whoa. and i am posting this entry with the top 10 hot list of the year 2005. and lets begin *drummmmm*

Top 10 Friends -
1. Akid

Top 10 Foods -
1.Nasi Pattaya
2.Nasi Goreng
3.Roti Canai
4.Roti Canai Telur
5.Roti Jem
6.Nasi Minyak
8.Ikan Siakap
9.Nasi Paprik
10.Nasi Ayam

Top 10 Website

Top 10 Video -
1.Dialah Di Hati - Siti Nurhaliza
2.If i aint got you - Alicia Keys
3.DirtyLittleSecret - All American Rejects
4.Because you live - Jesse Mccartney
5.BreakAway - Kelly Clarkson
6.Tak Bisakah - Peterpan
7.Cobalah untuk setia - Kris dayanti
8.Boyfriend - Ashlee Simpson
9.Beat of heart - Hilary Duff
10.L.O.V.E - Ashlee Simpson

Top 10 Songs -
1.We belong together - mariah carey
2.Helena - MCR
3.Here i am - m…
wisdom of today : The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen, nor touched ... but are felt in the heart. - Helen Keller.

what a boring day. i know it is my intention to get it to be a boring day, but actually, i don't think so, i had no one to go out with, cause i'm so boring of haziq and aisyah, tho i miss them alot. well,
i need someone to bright my day, ok. tmoro i'll be going out with syam. first time jumpa babe. erm.

im so bored now. nak pi shisha ke tak? ah. who to call?, so bored.

my fav poem -
Sometimes when I lie awake at night
And share my dreams with the hollow darkness
I shelter myself in the shadow of desires
As I wonder over the reminiscence of our relationsThe days when we shared moments together
When I saw you in my own shadows
Since then, sands of time have filled your space
I am surrounded by different phases of destiny
As a destitute left barren on the mercy of nature
But I still see amidst this misty seclusion
I see someone coming through the wate…

Zang Toi

im putting an efforts on someone again. and i know, she deserves it, imean, she deserves my heart.
well, kamilia will be on board a few hours from now, ah. gonna miss her. she's going to HK tmro morning. haihh. and actually today was a blast. i usher Zang Toi to his seat at the PAKATAN dinner + Roslin Hashim and Hafiz Hashim too. yuppy, got to meet Zang Toi. yoww, his sister is soo pretty. comel dong!. ahaha. and actually i nak tido now, nites.

current listening : OVER- LINDSAY.

taking my life away,
isn't the best you could do,

taking my life away,
would you just stranded like what i did?,

taking my life away,
stop from being cruel,

because of you mentality,
you are taking everything that i own,

i am me.
taking my life life life.

stop; i won't hurt you,
let me go, let me.

and let the rains fall down,
cause im coming clean to kill you.

-afnan. 2.24pm

last day of us

Sunday, the day when we had to say goodbye. well, ya, training ni, ya allah, best gila, sumpah.
i nak jumpa my MT6 lagi. wow. the night. we all headed to hartamas square. ampun, semua sudah jadi gila. haha. sumpah macam orang tak jumpa 1902983763 tahun. well, yeah. memang fun gila.
can't deny the joyness that we had. we all like go-go over. hahhaa.

well, on monday.

times square. we all meet up there, and go for the rides. fun. yeah. banyak suka and duka. hehe.
we all macam orang gila gila. hehe. i miss my rina so much! hehe :) well, masa nak balik, erm.
me, shafique, hilmi, amer, zura and shaheila went to kl sentral. we all berpisah there. :) arrived at taman bahagia at 10.40pm. tepat jangkaanku. ehhe. :) well. i miss them gila.