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yes. had my cool day today with mummy, yes, went out to ou after her work. only me n mummy.
we went to khazanah first, bought few items to give to people. then, went to where'else, my fav shop, topman. bought a polo tee. ;) then, went jejalan, saw hariz, salam him then went starbucks, had our little chill at there, bought mango for mummy and raspberyy for me, a strawberry cream cake and english fruitcake. :) then after that, then sudden mom said, let's get in to warehouse, went it bought something. then went to i=am, thinking of buying the clothes tomro, so we are so going tmro there again. then, went giant bought things then balik la. :) then hantar the dvd to video ezy then stop at ismail's rest, to pick my lil bro. and then just chill at home. :) here i am. 11.56pm at night! cool hun. seeya

im blogging!

boredom kills me. exam this tuesday. jom belajar! hewhehhe. esok me going to the library ahaha for the 1st time this year! :D seeya!

tetap disini

i cant believe you found me, you lie to me. oh, so i am being a poet these days. felt weird. im not a philospher. im just myself. well, i need to dload this korean song - just ; green rose. oh i so love the song. here here my new lyric,

tetap disini
aku disini,
tetap disini.
hanya dikau yang jauh.
menanti hari esok.

saat kau pergi,
aku jua pergi merana,
entah mengapa hati ini di kaburi.
oleh rindu ini.

jauh, sengsara.
aku tetap disini.
menantikan mu yang sudah melupakan ku,
adakah kita masih..
di penghujung jalan atau di perhentian ini..

ku tertanya,
pada diri ini, apakah
kau merasa yang sama,
aku tak ingin melukai dirimu..
andai ini takdirnya..
jauh, sengsara.. aku tetap disini..

andai ini takdirnya..
sengsara ohhh.. aku tetap disini..
andai ini takdirnya..
jauh,ohhh aku tetap disini..

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