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My plan for this coming few months ;

October :
Trial SPM 2006

November :
SPM 2006
Futsal Event

December :
Futsal Event
AsiaWork MT7 ? maybe.
End Of Year Party!
Holiday trip with friends!

So, people , plan your day and what you wanna do next okay? :)

I wonder maybe someday,could i be somewhere i really want to be but i know it can be insane to know that it is not just like that, imean Magic. No, you gotta work hard to get where u wanna be.
So, people, just work hard in a good way to be and get what you wanna be. Hehe. I know im crappy cause actually i dont really have any idea what to write now. Boredom, waiting for my class to start. Well, I cant wait for school to finish which i know i'll miss it later or sooner! I just wish everything could be better soon!

Well, I just cant tahan la, i like this song like crazyyy! Over My Head by the Fray!
I never knew
I never knew that everything was falling through
That everyone I knew was waiting on a cue
To turn and run when all I needed was the truth
But that's how it's got to be
It's coming down to nothing more than apathy
I'd rather run the other way than stay and see
The smoke and who's still standing when it clears

Til Then!


it's the best concert this year! :) I got in the rm382 podium circle, some more, it is a FREE tickets, since i have so many tickets, i invited aisyah and haziq to come along and my lil bro bring his schoolmate, lukman, so we headed there obviously LATE. around 8.30 only arrived. Well, my sister and her friends, naim & azif drove us. :) ehehe they supposed to follow us but decided not to go cause they wanna go to some places. ok then, masuk! Then the opening act was sort of boring! SingleTrackMind but few of his songs are actually nice..

So the concert start at 9.40pm, jump jump yeayy, INXS rock laa. It was eventually FUN.
then around 11.10pm, thet started throwing gift like drumstick, ofcourse i almost GOT it but this tall chinese guy behind me grabbed it from my hand, fuck kan. So i didnt get and my hand bleed. :( hmm. Anyway that guy is so familiar lahhh! If i see him, I kick his ass. Hahha. I took pictures with my phone it was cacat man. Will update later the picture since my…
Im so happy, i got free ticket to INXS, my cousin offer me, well, im so going altho i memang tak layan so their songs! well im so so so looking forward tomoro. hmm. It will great i hope. Anyway, you know what i think she is like so the regina from the Mean Girls. ah. Well, I watched John Tucker Must Die dvd today before went off to tuition it was Funny and cool. ahhh. :) cool movie.

Hmm, i still need one replacement for my lil bro ticket, cause he's so not going cause he skola petang, so how? anyone ? :) pm me!
I just realised that i miss my so nasi kerabu food, i want to eat it again, since my mum going back to kelantan for The Perkampungan Hadhari thingie, I hope she will bring back to KL the food, it's very delicious. =)

and i just love my class photo this year! imean for the class magazine senior page, it was done a week after june holiday, im the main creator of the class page! I just love it.. weee!
Altho im in a kind of last class, i dont care! Study and prove them, we also can do it! Hoooray!
Anyway today went to Bu4 then met the teachers i miss, and friends, god! God know how much i miss Qai Wen, my dearly bestie. ;) ahha, sarah,marilyn and all ! Arghh, i wanna hug themmm!
Anyway gotta study now, tomoro Sains + Perdagangan Exammm! dingDong! Good Luck people!

Sayonara! Ja

Ku Ketemu Jua

yes, finally that person admit and atleast she does. I felt that she shouldn't do that although what is her reason is. I won't say her name here cause i know it's not nice to bug up like that! I forgive her and i hope she feel better by now, people, no matter what you did to me, i will still forgive you because in Islam, no matter how bad people do things to you, you should forgive that person. I hope everybody will feel better now! and people just stay cool & stay out from cat fight or anything, settle your problem with manner ! Sopan & santun amalan rakyat Malaysia, semoga kita diberkhati oleh tuhan yang maha esa.

entahlah, mungkin gila membayangi apa yang sudah berlaku dan tak mungkin dapat menukarkannya, namun akan saya pastikan hari esok akan lebih berubah kepada yang positif.

Hadapilah hari-hari bahagia anda dengan yang teristimewa! Semoga ketemu lagi!

Til then.
i have everything and im wasting it,
to know what im missing.

never caused me any stress,
never feel like im fit in.


being me - dont pass the test

my head is

ohh. i so freaking like the fray! their song - OVER MY HEAD (cable car) is so so so cool.
anyway tomoro BM2 trial. :) peace!


Read this people, this for him/her again, that person try to be "me" so he/she got nothing to do with his/her life. so fuck off la. I have no time to be sensitive or fucker?. so dont be a bitch/bastard ok. I tak disturb your life pun, so jangan kacau mine. FUCK U. ASSHOLE.
may 2004 post by me to preacher!

if you fucking have any problem with me, TALK TO ME FACE TO FACE!
dont be a coward, man. Sumpah, you're the one who is lifeless! FUCK.


let's play guessing. who sing this song.

All the girls' stepping out for a public affair
All night,let's rock,cause the party don't stop
All the cameras, come out, for a public affair
Who cares,let's rock,cause the party don't stop

if u know the answer, reply. :) no prize will be given haha.

where do i begin?

well, my friends pissed me off today, they said they cant join the tuition, i already my teacher that they wanted so on monday but now? argh. very angry indeed. they didnt say sorry or whatever.
i dont want to write what is their reason but whatever is, i dont fucking care anymore la.
If you want get a good result on spm, join or not.

Anyway i've been layaning shirley bassey song - where do i begin. It's a very nice and adorable song to listen to. enjoy it, dload or steal it. u will thank me. serious!
here goes the lyric ;

Where do I begin?
To tell the story of how great a love can be
The sweet love story that is older than the sea
The simple truth about the love he brings to me
Where do I start?

Like a summer rain
That cools the pavement with a patent leather shine
He came into my life and made the living fine
And gave a meaning to this empty world of mine
He fills my heart

He fills my heart with very special things
With angels' songs, with wild imaginings
He fills my soul with so much lo…


well, my life has been sort of transformed to a busy life. i have lots to catch up like study, homework, tuition and stuff. well, pratically, i've been wondering why guys or girls porning? does it make you fantasize? or whatever. so people if you have come up with the answer pls post your comment right?

Anyway, my spm's coming and my class haven't changed at all. only few have like "studying" but the rest?. Maybe they're still in happy-no-spm crazy, i say. Okay, enough of them.

She has ruined my life again, why does people have to ruin your life without thinking the complication after that? well, maybe she's so fuck up with her life . argh.

Is it any wonder? by keane sounds great. anyway im more updating in xanga than here.
so bye!