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Salam Aidilfitri

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri , everyone! I'll be away for a week i guess. Going back to my dad's hometown, which is, Penang. Going to visit his grief tomoro morning and Im happy cause i got to watch astro there(hahahahahhaa). See ya guys! Maaf Zahir & Batin.

Ampunkanku :)

Only U

Yesterday tuition was quite fun, hehe we kenakan chee wei by secretly kept his phone, and we photostat our hand ! haha me n pei shan, others did too, jeelian, azlan, trishill ! hehe.. I get new friends too, desmond form SMDJ. hehe :) hmm. And me n trishil - now, Good adi. :) hehe
I MET her TODAY. hahahhahaha felt so good :) seeya, will update pics later... :)

is it hard to feel right?
Im happy today, went to Ou to celebrate weiching bday! watch a movie, ' SILK', scary but not so. :) heheh was fun, showed them the batting cages place! well, after that, bukak puasa with my two buddies, haziq & aisyah! hehehe.
We talked and went to Makbul there, then we chit chat till 9.30, then went home, then bathed and studied for account. 10.30 chau to Rasta with Jolin hang out there till 2.20, waited for derek, he didnt turn up cause he and his family was at kl and then something happened. Then i saw my teacher, she asked me abt the cats thingy and told me how to get the tokokan things, ehhe she's around the area at 2.30 am Gila, but rocks la. :) hehe anyway to someone, if you wanna know, i already forgive you but i just want you to admit your mistakes :) well, dont be perasaan to people who are not involved in the matter, you know who you are. :) i dont care if you say that my english is broken, if its so broken, i dont care cause its just BLOG, not exam. :) hehe.…


Im good :) hahhahaha. Tell u what, secret!