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miss you!

Oh,damn fuck MSN. i can't sign it after 6 hours using it! BOO to MSN. anyway, since I'm blogging here, it shows that I'm so NOT going to the VELOCITY, wait, it's already started anyway. And I'll be missing the new year countdown with my best friends, cause i really hope to celebrate it with them cause i never celebrate any festive with them except, the raya party, CNY party, n so on.

my mum n sis insist me to go back to kelantan with them tonight at 2am. hm, wait i kinda lazy lah! OK, if I'm going back, I'm so gonna be fucking BORED, yeah. BUT there's always a way to enjoy, i wanna go to KB mall this time. fuck fuck. i don't care! :D:D KB MALL here i come!, oh I'm so desperate of joyness and funnest. ha ha, wait, my cousins will be there too, wait let see who's coming back, AMAR(hope you will be there!),SARAH,IKA(haven't show u the pics la babe!!) and my two kelantan cousins,HAKIMAH and ZAHIRAH.

What I'll be missing these few day…


At last, i got to blog! And a happy belated merry Christmas! The Internet has been so bitch lately, cause I'm using wireless. and now im using a line. wohooo!

Pause to that. Yesterday was my 2nd bro b'day, his name is ZAINALASHRAF. and he is 25th this year. :) another year older for him. yeah we had a BBQ party for him, and he ordered the chairs n table for the night but i insist him to order a canopy cause its has been raining lately and its true, he he. :)

It was fun but Only it will be much fun if my FRIENDS were there too!. and there was a lot of his friends! And to my cousins who helped us alot, SHAH,JI,JO,IRA. thanks alot! And i love the caramel very much,KakZulaikha Mum did it! Awesome! gotta learn how to make it and impress a girl. :D hahaa.

The highlights of the night was when my bro ex came, ugh. i hate her cause she's so fucking snob to the max! to our family, cousins and friends. Anyway, her sister, i mean elder sister was very kind and friendly! KUDOS to you!



its been a long time i didn't bitch here! yeah kinda sad cause my Internet so fuck up. hehe, now I'm using my sis brand new laptop yahoo! acer. anyway i went to my cousin prom to help her with a prom! i became the nite photographer. serious shit penat. but i cant show u guys the whole event cause I'm selling the photo, I'll b editing the pics and let u guys see soon on my new team [ PICTURETOROCK* ] flickr. hehe. anyway it was a blast, the performances was a viva la di! cool doh, but adasatu band nimacamsumbangsikitdianya lead singer haha. :) and i love the prom cause it's so so cool, they had playstation corner and the boys was playing it! hehe. they even had the cutest couple award,prom prince & queen, the winner got hamper n gift, gila cool. wished DU was this GREAT! hehe. it was BLAST la.

And thanks to JIAR for making our trip so cool! to fifie & jack, thanks too for the little help!

here we goes.. the pics, my pics lah!me at the backdrop :)
oh, my idol…

be fair!


One thing i really understand about love.

Love is always patient and kind. It is never boastful or conceited. It is never rude or selfish. It does not take offense and is not resentful. Love takes no pleasure in other's sins, but delights in the truth. It is always ready to excuse, to trust, to hope, and to endure whatever comes.

taken by ' a walk to remember '.

the wind, i can't see it but i can feel it, the love, the happiness in it.

To people out there, be fair to the person you love before things get worse.


Lets post!


To my friends who can enter all the club you guys must bring me too! haah LOL. a friend ajak me to velocity kl music fest, i think i can go since im not goin back to kelantan with mum for hari raya haji wohoo, and i plan to go to Maison [May-Sorn] with my friends for the new year eve. LOL. i heard its a great place tho! Anyway, what's your new year resolution? Mine? just simple,
get more money and a happy life, oh and a car, MYVI.

Anyway, did u guys see last year photo of jude law flashed her dick? and this year photo of britney spears flashed her vagina or pussy hahaha. it's so funny! if you havent see, yeah im gonna show you the pics and it will be gross so dont laugh. :D

cause its the hottest PICTURE of the year 2006!

Say hello to Britney's pussy! "HELLO"
(sorry waise, i had to put the pics on)

our mr jude law the handsome
ooops. :p

ohhh, and one more a transexual from PCD on their rec…


Hey, im so bored to death, waiting for the last prom, 23/12 so i can go and get a work out there!

wish me luck with my photography work. ciao

Til then.


Hi people!
Anyway, i really wanna blog about this topic,our "whatsoever fight" btw me & su mei. yes, i have to reply to her entry, and it's a BAD entry to talk about. Yes, i already forgive you ms. su mei for everything you have done and no worries, i have forgiven u a long time ago and i hope we'll still be friends ok altho u might not like it or whatsoever. :) i just felt so tired since the day we fought cause i have heard what people said about you, and i know you it too. so just chill. So, since we all turning to 18 soon, i hope you and everyone else would just be cool and friends, stop the hatred and move on :P we could be friends and all.

So, forgive me if i'd offend u, su mei before this. :) and thank you for everything.
See ya some other time yea, take care.

Til then.


Hey! yesterday prom was fine. :P OAG, yeah they performed. best siot! XD anis and kamilia was so handsome! and kamilia won the prom queen title. :P yehoo! :P congrats!

I had nothing to blog abt. its so boring! I miss K. :P

I need everyone now. let's karaoke. :P:P

Til then.


Yeah, the prom was quite alright and im happy cause i got my friends :D yeah yeah. The foods was okay and the performances sucks big time except for band and jazli's[zikry,aizat,arriz,jazli], amir & ming han. :P we danced like crazyyy! i and arriz was sooo gila... :P we danced the my humps babe. hahaha Meme was sooo over-excited i love her! nana stunning in red, kiki sweetest comel, JIAR hot babe so do azim yang gila macho, jojo & jiji coolio wohoo!, afi n hanafi chewahhh, nad/hann/aqi pakaian mung itu hot babes!, DOT n NAZ was soooo CUN weh. :D , aida n amir matching gila! and of course, my date, EMY, thanks for being there. :P i lovee u so much babeee! I love u guys so muchhh! here's the pixie. have fun! andd my friends cant stop calling me as Justin Timberlake's Malay version. hahahaha!

me & kiki

waise,pei shan, me and wei ching

nana & me

emy & me

naz, emy, me & yas

dina, meme, me, kiki, nana & ganko

jiar & azim

emy & me

me & jiji



Today was the happiest day ever for me cause i went out with S. Well, for those who always asked me who is S, and now im gonna tell u who is she. Her nickname is Shasha. :P she's 15. and i like her. thats it. but we're not GF/BF yet. we went for a movie at gsc, watched the host was fine and funny too! And she'd help me for my shirts. hehe. And i saw my sis and i introduce her to my sis. hehe. :)

-Im gonna have a good sleep now cause im damn sleepy and tired the whole day!
-I want to top up my credit so i can sms her!
-I want to buy Nelly Furtado album, LOOSE!
-Im obsessed with pussycat dolls song, wait a minute. :)

I cant wait for prom. yuhuuu.

I have THREE prom!
1st- 13/12- Renassaince KL, Date = SECRET.
2nd- 14/12- Holiday Villa,SJ, Date=Anis.
3rd- 23/12- Renassaince KL, Date=three girls haha no, im working on this day! working as photgrapher.


Til then.


for the past few days, i've been hanging with my besties from SMKBU4, my previous school before i get transfered to my lovely new school, SMDU. :) here's the picture of them, Haziq, Aisyah and Britney!

haziq, aisyah n me

me, aisyah n haziq

me, haziq, ush, britney.

I loooooooooveeeeeeeeeeeee them. :P don't get jealous olrite, oyeah. yesterday i went for an event at Zoo Negara, some charity event by Hotel MAYA, KL. its cool tho cause i jadi photographer behalf my mom magazine, PEREMPUAN. kekee. And i get free passes to ZOO NEGARA and FOODS. :) next time im gonna interview bigg bigg people babe. :)

Seeya. Im going to see S soon! and I will reveal who actually she is. wait yeah

Til then,
Just You

A Little Bit Of Me,
Died when you go,
A little Bit Of You,
Made my day so shine,

When im down,
you were there,
When you're gone,
i've no one to cry on,

Can you make it more easier?,
Can you feel me?,
Can you just stay one night with me?,

Maybe i was wrong,
Maybe it was them,
Maybe it was us,

We can make it tonight,
Just you and me,
In the heart of lovers,
No one,
No one else,

Can you make it more easier?,
Can you feel me?,
Can you just stay one night with me?,
Maybe, maybe you're right..

Just one day,
Just one night,
Just one light,
we could be together.

by Afnan.Zai


Why everyone around me are being so fucking bitch to me, i just don't understand, sometime i feel so left out and alone. YES, i kinda hate this feeling now, i wanna be happy back, why why why? Stop people, please stop yourself from being a bitch to me and i fucking hate it.



I had fun last night with my goodfriends, ofcourse, Aisyah n Haziq, i've been friends with them years back. :) well, after i went to buy dinner for my lil bro n cousin, i went out to hang out with my goodfrens, we chilled at Rasta. :) hehe we chit chat about most of the things, update ourself anddd i finally had my shisha after months of not having it, kinda drunk after that, no, i dont drink alcohol, it just the drinks and shisha. hehe. 11.30pm went to haziq hse actually he tried to get his mom car key so he can send aisyah back home but her mum tinggal kete kat umah kwn dia so finee, we walked to sent her back, u know where she stay? near IBM there. kiara green. :| hehe kinda chit chat, we talked abt hantu and stuff. haha dah la gila2 malam, then after sent her, we went back to our house at 1 but bfore that, i and ziq talked about something at the bus stop! everyone passed by looked at us like we were doing something. LOL. :) I got to know SOMETHING haha. :) kinda shocked at th…


I am kinda Tension and my mood are currently like 'babi ko sial pukimak". You wanna know why?
My fren plan to go somewhere at 12 not 11. Then my fren said cepat lahh cause suddenly they r asking me to come at 11 something, i was like wtf, so I said wait lah, you know why i said that, i have priority, I DONT HAVE A MAID n i have to handle all the jobs in the hse, my sis went to genting today with her collegues. I have 2 elder bro who is doing ntg with the hse, n my lil bro did help me, i can't be so selfish right? to pentingkan my diri than my family. I am a family person, so i don't leave the house without cleaning and checking it. Blame it to me right, You know, it's not my fault i came late, yeah Sorry, but i have responsiblity on myself n my family too, not just to my friends only.

And now, im the one who always waits for you people and you guys never appreciated it. So thank you, I waited for 2 freaking hours, SO this my goodbye, nasib baik ada farhatun to tema…


Assalamualaikum & Hi!

Sijil Peperiksaan Malaysia is OVER! finally, i can go anywhere now, free dude & babe, Wohoooo!
I have nothing to say anyway! so I'll write down whatever is cool alrite. See Ya!


Til Then,


Assalamualaikum & Hi!
Just now, pei shan & wai se came to my house to practice our drawing, we was like, ermm, our drawing kinda kindergarden woi! hahhaa. :P and we took a pics of its, and pics of us. :)

this is my drawing! too kiddie, all fruits for RM50, cheapskate.

us being gila in the toilet!

pei shan & me, our poyotic pics!

i got a msg from her, i just can't believe in what she said, i can't believe, i might change my heart like jake did when peyton said something. God. hmm.

I need fooood and lepaking moment with my besties & mua, SHISHA please, i could release my tension with them, they're so crazy whacko gila2 people! :P

Til Then,

bye bye maid!

Assalamualaikum & Hi!
My maid went back to her hometown, palembang, indonesia today and not coming back, yeah, i got no maid already! so we all decided to bahagikan our tugasan, i jemur kain & angkat kain, maybe gosok baju too! Sis, basuh kain and masak, ajam will be washing the pinggan mangkuk anddd my two maharaja bro doing nothing i guess. :)

I had a very very bad migrain today, sakit gila tapi tahla, mcm nak pengsan n mati pun ada! Hm, i hope i takda sakit pape laa, so scared la, mane tau ada tumor ke haha, cause that day, danisha told me she had migrain n she did her check up, the doctor said something in her brain, cause she felt down. Weh, dengar crite dia pun bole buat cuak dow.

I really wanna enjoy my after spm moment! wohho, this month will be a busy month babe!, i'll be having my prom next week 13th of dec! where? renaissance, suck my cock up la shannon, tak tau plan majlis for people cause it start at 7pm? how to pray kan? bodoh tak fikir orang melayu punya adab!…


oh, i miss them, its been a year ! ♥

i miss!

i miss,
-my buddies[rina]
-my bestie[haziq,aisyah,brit]
-my mua[jiar,naz,liz]
-my mt6
-my raspberry at starbucks.
-my old num[019]
-my friends!

i love - S.

Nothing in this world could make me happier than she did!

here a songs for you, S.

First time I saw you I knew
I knew I love you cause my heart stopped
First time I held you I knew
I knew I love you cause my heart stopped

Cause I … la la la la la love you
Love can make you feel so funny
No house, no car not even money will make me feel the way
What I’m really trying to say
Can’t live another day
Without you
Without you
Without you
Without you

First time I kissed you I knew
I knew I had you cause your heart stopped
First time I missed you I knew
I knew I never wanna leave you

Love can make you feel so funny
No house, no car not even money will make me feel the way
What I’m really trying to say
Can’t live another day
Without you
Cause I … la la la la la love you
Cause I … la la la la la love you (love you)

Cause I … la la la la la love you
Cause I … la la la la la love…


Assalamualaikum Waramatullah Hiwabarakatuh & Hi!
Today, i went to watch a movie with two of my crazy & cool friends, waise and pei shan. Well, waise drove and pick me up first then we went to ss2 to pick peishan then she drove all the way back to KD to pick fiona, then arrived at ou then we bought our tickets and fiona went to see her bf. the three of us watched 'Possessed', first thought,'So SCARYYYY', but it turn out to be a comedy horor movie, me, pei shan and the whole people in the cinema laughed cause the many scenes in the movie was funny and soo kelakar to the max! but the part amber chia kena rasuk was sooo Scary, ahhaha she even made her head kat lantai and then pusing2 mcm org gila babe, tergelak aku. haha. yang takleh bla, Harisu tu laki sebenarnya before he did his operation to bcome a LADY. but she is hot la, hahaha. ;) anyway kinda weng sikit.

Tonight, im going to watch CINTA or Happy Feet again with my family. I have been to the cinema most of the…

because you live.

Staring out at the rain with a heavy heart
It's the end of the world in my mind
Then your voice calls me back like a wake up call
I've been looking for the answer
I couldn't see that it was right there
But now I know what I didn't know

Because you live and breathe
Because you make me believe in myself when nobody else can help
Because you live, girl
My world has twice as many stars in the sky

It's alright, I survived, I'm alive again
Cuz of you, made it though every storm
What is life, whats the use if your killed inside
I'm so glad I found an angel
Who was there when all my hopes fell
I wanna fly, looking in your eyes

Because you live and breathe
Because you make me believe in myself when nobody else can help
Because you live, girl
My world has twice as many stars in the sky
Because you live, I live

Because you live there's a reason why
I carry on when I lose the fight
I want to give what you've given me always

Because you live and breathe
Because you make…

back to you?

Dedicate this to her

Back to you
It always comes around
Back to you
I tried to forget you
I tried to stay away
But it's too late

Over you
I'm never over
Over you
Something about you
It's just the way you move
The way you move me

I'm so good at forgetting
And I quit every game I play
But forgive me, love
I can't turn and walk away

Back to you
It always comes around
Back to you
I walk with your shadow
I'm sleeping in my bed
With your silhouette

should have smiled in that picture
If it's the last that I'll see of you
It's the least that you
Could not do

Leave the light on,
I'll never give up on you,
Leave the light on,
For me too, for me too

Back to me
I know that it comes
Back to me
Doesn't it scare you
Your will is not as strong
As it used to be

back to you by john mayer

Life is so funny?

Sometime we lie to our love one, sometime we fake our feeling, because we scared of losing them.
Why is that so?

a friend of mine told me this, "dis morning i missed u when i woke up.. cz every exam ur beside me and i feel so weird ur not sitting beside me.. how i gona tell u? u still sleeping.. lol". I think that is the cutest words that i've ever heared tis year. She is so my buddy!

i'm not a romantic guy and handsome guy but i have hearts too. I n S are fine, we talked. I couldnt show her the real me, imean my feelings, i like her but i just don't want to fall apart again, it's so fucking annoying to see yourself gettin rejected rite? well. i guess time will heal the pain im suffering. Im not being emo, i just wanna be happy again.

We seldom make mistakes, the words, without thinking abt the conclusion later that we might affect others.

Til then.

current listening to without you by same same feat. jaclyn.


Cinta. sebuah kisah tentang kasih.

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullah Hiwabarakatuh,
& Hi! Welcome to december, time passed so fast, i had lots of memory of november, november gave me such a warm yet a crazy month, the month, i met her, the month i graduate and the month im having my SPM. Well, i watched CINTA just now at GSC , OU. The show was touching! I find that its the best film of 2006 for a malay film, 5 different story but all the character are quite connected. I supposed this very touching and cool movie to watch with your love one.

"Kadang-kadang, orang yang kita sayang itulah orang yang susah hendak disayangi kita"- a word from mak bi(fatimah abu bakar). Nice huh? i wanna congrats the whole team of the film and the brilliant actors & actress. WONDERFUL. i hope next time, malaysian movie will be more open and not 'katak dibawah tempurung".

Don't forget to bring your extra tissue, maybe you will cry. So, which is your love story out of the 5,you choose your destiny.

And yesterday i watch…