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here i am, at the office. Boring.

I'll be alone this year again. Why?, too many rejection can cause one major breakdown.


well, im writing up an article abt Helen Mirren!!


best & worst

Anne Hathaway


Jennifer Hudson







Maggie Gyllenhaal

Rachel Weisz

Ryan and Leonardo





Jodie Foster

Emily Blunt




Cate Blanchett

Kate Winslet


Oscar Review.

I watched it live yesterday. So, can i say that i was there at the Kodak Theater, LA ?(this is rfered to abg shah). Well, it was nice to see the people there, my favourite actor/actress won the award.
But i was kind of surprise that The Departed won BEST Picture. Babel was boring but the story line it has make it look good, you know. The Departed is a HK's remake of Infernal Affairs which i find it's quite good but The Departed should have done better than the story itself.

i was quite Happy when my dear, Helen Mirren won the award, but my another favourite was Kate Winslet - Little Children. I'd expect that Forest Whitaker will win, and yeah, he won it!
Yahoo, & James McAvoy should have been nominated as Best Actor Supporting Role, he was great & delicious in the movie of The Last King Of Scotland. I remind myself that Leonardo DiCaprio should have win it the award but Alan Arkin of Little Miss Sunshine won it instead of Leo or Eddie.

Another gossip is, E…


i know i've been so lazy to update. I dont know, maybe i feel there's nothing to update about, my life is just normal, nothing much happening you know. i think maybe because i dont own much money thats why i didnt go out as usual. im still thinking over the job offer from Petrosains for their tour guide assistant or graphic designer. the pay quite good but i have to mingle from ttdi all the way to klcc everyday! fuck shit. that must be tiring so.

i look at the side where, maybe it's my fate. why not, have it a try? right. i'll give a call to my brother ex, kak jasmin, to tell her that im going to accept the job offer.

oh well, since the result is coming out soon, i must say, im nervous, excited, crazy.
the first thing i will do after i know my result is, smile & be happy. Although the result may be shit or either way.

So, What's your plan?.

Film Recommended To Watch ;
Little Children
Little Miss Sunshine
The Departed
Blood Diamond
Notebook On Scandal
The Prest…



I've been busy with works lately. Oh, my work is more to thinking. Hehe. well, I'll be finding few friends to model for me, i need to do the fashion thingy and i will be writing up an article on '10 Successful Malaysia Women' - 10 Wanita Malaysia Paling Berjaya.

Oh! i really hope that i'll be getting a good result for my spm damn. 5a and above should be great for me, scholarship, university! Damn. Excited. I'll be taking my driving lesson soon! next week.


PETALING JAYA: Datuk Siti Nurhaliza is going to the 49th Annual Grammy Awards this Sunday.

The pop icon will be the first Malaysian to be given the honour of walking up the red carpet meant for invited celebrities at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles.

Siti: Will be the first Malaysian to walk up the red carpet meant for invited celebrities.

Siti made it thanks to the two tickets she won as Best Dressed celebrity at Star World’s “Breakfast With the Stars” in conjunction with the 78th Annual Academy Awards last March.

Star World wrote and received permission from the Grammy organisers for Siti to walk on the red carpet along with other invited celebrities.

“Siti is very popular in this region and she deserves this honour,” said Nini Yusof, assistant vice-president of Star TV in Singapore.

“We are sending our Channel V crew together with the local team in Los Angeles to film the footage which will be shown later over Star World.

“I told her that she would walk on the red carpet last Sunday and…


afnan said:
Hey meen, i don't want to say this but i have to say it, its been awhile yeah, i know we just knew each other, that doesnt mean i dont care about you, i care as hell. the point of me saying this is, i dont want to lose anyone anymore, im tired of losing people, so i says to myself, give myself a try with you, well, im sure time will heal the pain that u r sufferin, but i dont mind if you dont want

afnan said:
me cause im ready of it. hehe, i just wanna say that I LIKE YOU alot. I dont want to regret later if i didnt say it now cause i know you are into somebody else, so now i can live happily! We'll be friends forever, take your sweet time and you can make decision when you want! i hope so. you take care, im sorry for words i'd said that may hurt you before this. I just cant help it

afnan said:
take care dear, have a nice week and nite, may your sleep fill with full of sweetest dreams. xoxo.

afnan says:
andddd i forgot, im not hoping that you will say yes or whatever…



I just have a bad news. My 2nd cousin which i just knew he was my cousin after all this while that i've never know at all. Izwan, an ex student of smkttdi, age 18, stayed at ttdi, passed away on thursday morning, on a car accident ride. Al-fatihah to him.

im sure the pics is him, cause that is what my aunt told me. I hope you will be good there, be good.

I have a poem for you.

My Unknown Cousin

I wish, i had known you for long ago,
I wish, we were friends back then,
I wish, i would talk to you when i saw you at the library,
I wish, we could be a close cousin.
There's always something coming through,
That's a god gift,
To Him, we came,
To Him, we back.

To whatever it comes,
I may not know you at all,
I may not even recongnise you at all,
You may never even remember me,
You may never know me at all.

But here,
in my prayer,
you will know me,
you will recongnise me,
you will remember me.

After all,
you will be gone for good.


I hope it doesnt sound mellow yeah, and it…