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here i am at the office, again! like everyday, now i feel so like you know the artist, imean famous one.
yeah, like celebrity cause, the style that i wrote almost the same like them. so dont get confuse.
my style is just simple, i like write i want and i dont care what people think how and why my english is like so whatever.

tomorrow planning shall be,
Lunch with jiar.
get enroll to driving class.
ready mentally for spm result due next monday.

im still confuse now, if my result is good, i will be having a big party to throw at my place, only the people i like will be invited, so dont freak out if you're not invited yeah.

but the problem is, i need to do another gathering for Damansara's clan, imean the old bunch of friends i had when i was schooling there. There'll be alot of people to be invited, nevermind, malay,chinese to be invited. the problem that matters is i need a team to help me to gather all this people, but this gathering are open to Invited guest only, …



here i am at the office. just after Dawn City's Launching at Gombak. Dato' Seri Rafidah Aziz launched the perodua new outlet, at the wisma Dawn City. well, Dj DAVE was there too, you know the aura seri owner, IRA something, she's look so kampung, yes, veryy the kampung. haha. why? i think she wore a fake CHANEL handbag.

well, the lauching are was so packed and the photographer from RTM was fucking annoying, i cant take a good snapshot of Rafidah Aziz but i think those pictures were great tho.

Latest new is, SPM result is next week. probably gonna hang myself.





i just recalled this.

the first script i ever wrote was for my class play , "TRL"

haha. i know it sound mellow but yeah,

It was like so dumb. Arriz, Denon & Deric was the main actor that i interview in the show. HAHHA
i became the TRL host. lol.

i wanna be mtv vj. god.