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the next big thing

Hi! I'm back, hits 1 final was okay-okay, AIM14 was boring except Siti's won over two most important award that night, best pop album & best album of the year. AF was okay, Dafi has improved alot than before. I still have my heart for heliza,candy & mila, they caught my sight. I felt that Ebi is the fucked shit person cause he 'buang angin' macam tak kisah pasal orang lain, takda respect gila okay.

I met shah, last saturday, it was fine and i wasnt scared(explain to shah entry),we chatted abt who who's. I find it's rather funny when i asked shah, what does he think of me after meeting up with me, he said Im Hot. HAHHAHA bodoh gila. How can a silly guy like me be considered as hot! LOL

I watched Notes On A Scandal, gila ganas, teacher had sex with schoolkid. Watched, Starter for 10,The Ex. Im waiting to buy a dvd of Paris,Je'Taime. Someone please drive me out to KL okay, i need to have fun before the University call. My birthday is coming soon!, June..…
Hey! Tonight im going to Hitz 1 finale. quite happy cause i got the chance of photographing my favourite singer, Dato' Siti Nurhaliza. Going with Joyah a.k.a Nurul and kak Wan. Tomorrow meeting up with shah. Im gonna miss Aisyah bday party tonite, whatever is, Happy Birthday Girl! & happy belated birthday to Britney Natasha. :)

Tomorrow AIM14, i hope Siti will win again! and here it goes the poem i wrote yesterday night,

6 tahun kamu.Kau pergi membawa abadi,
Yang tak mampu ku ingati,
Aku disini terhanyut akan kasihmu,
Mana mungkin ku cari ganti,6 tahun yang lalu,
Kau pergi dariku,
Tangisan tiada makna bagimu,
Daku bagai gila berselingkuh,Dan aku masih disini,
Kesabaran mengujiku untuk bertahan,
Demi mengharungi kehidupan yang kau berikan,
Apa bisa hati merasa lagi,Dan 6 tahun ini,
Aku bagai keseorangan,
Mencari dirimu untuk kembali,
Cuba untukku lupakan,
Tak terdaya hati dibuatmu,Mendamba kasih yang takkan berkunjung,
6 tahun ku cuba melupakan,
Kata orang, lupakan saja,
Bagiku, masih tida…


I'm freaking bored now at the office. So, let me write a poem for you.

Salam Buat Kekasih

Dimana letaknya harga diri,
yang telah kau cemari,
membunuh seluruh jiwa cinta ini,
yang tak mungkin kembali lagi,

Hatiku pernah kau sayangi,
walau sesaat ku merasai,
sudah cukup bagiku untuk menemani,
dalam janji manismu ini..

adakah aku yang bersalah,
menanti harapan yang kau berikan,
menunggumu amat perit,
mana mungkin ku bertahan,

inilah salamku,
yang terakhir kali,
agar kau bahagia disampingnya,
ku pergi buat selamanya..


im happy, but you?

i think I'm the most craziest person in the world on Saturday! Went to office around 9.50am, passed the photo to head of GD then i called a cab to One Utama, finally got one. Went to one utama, lepaking & watched "Jangan Pandang Belakang", quite okay, not scary at ALL. Watched it with Naz & Minarni.

I just realised that i spent RM250+ at TopMan only this month! Items i bought,
Sandal,Bag,3 Shirts. darn. i spent all my allowance at my!kay fine..

Then, around 4.30pm i chow to home cause 5pm gotta gerak to stadium with naz for GC concert.
arrived at the stadium around 6.30pm, fucking hell! lots of people man!!!!!!
We went in around 7.30pm hehe. Finish around 11.30, almost missed the train! got into the train then arrived at masjid jamek, rushed like hell, tengok-tengok LRT putra tutup. Balik with taxi heehaw pening now. I watched AF concert repeat, gila geli tgk dafi punya performance. hahaa. Shah has been calling me "D*** Ulliel". gah gah, tak boleh b…

Is He?

I didn't go to the interview instead of staying at the office and chow-ing around 3pm and going to the tuition centre. After tuition, im going to sunway. darn. lots of work. :)

I have to charge the battery of the flash now. so

see ya.

Fcuk d*** for me. gahaha.

thank you.


what's left of me?

I have been so stressed about my work lately, it has come to a crazy day where I, profound that these work is not all that easy that I had always thought of. I know that people see this career as an interesting job, yes it is but the task you have to encounter is very challenging. You can laugh about it right now.He he. These days, people has been calling me dafi look-a-like. I was so embarrassed. Of course, you wouldn’t want people to compare yourself with another unknown person that you have never know at all. Last night, I had a moment sms-ing with shah, haha. We talked about **** haha. Me, being **** boyfriend, funny right!. Well, atleast im being a rational person because i don't think that anak ikan would be atrracted to me, right. And of course, I had to declare to people that, I am straight and not as what you people thought that I am. JWell, I met up with Alan Aww at KLCC after my assignment(bridal convention) at Menara KL with Kak Wan. I went to KLCC alone. Yeah. The jou…


oh yes! im such a slut at work! been busy like crazy, yesterday, nona roguy had an event, me, kak wan n kak finaz attend it. quite okay. anyway tomorrow i have an UiTM interview ! fucvk shit!
TESL. damnn. im so scared now. i dont know what to read or do!

Tomorrow also, if the interview finish early, i might be going to menara kl because there will be held a fashion show, and next week, im full book for the whole week! on wed,there will be a fashion show of MNG latest collection! and there is some private event to attend. i feel like im a real journalist although im just a part-timer. Now I have my media card. woho. easy for me to attend to any event! :P

so hope everything will turn well and great!

sayonara! ja!


Heloo YOU!


Hi! I'm back using this blog, reason why I'm using it back because i think more people will read this blog than my bahasa blog. :) I was so busy for the last past weeks, job that encounter myself has became bigger than ever! I couldn't blame anyone but finish my job with a little of joyness. Like last week, i and my colleague, kak wan, interviewed Aznah Hamid & her daughter,Sheera. I did the photo shoot at taman pertama where kak aznah was shooting a drama of Gerak Khas. HAHA. funny i know, but that's the fact i see.

After that day, we again, went to Nona Roguy spa treatment at TTDI, interviewed the owner of the company. Datin Sh. Anisah it is. :) Busy, tired.

well, kak aznah tot im like 23 sum thing, in fact im just 18. same goes to Datin. hahaha.
Im so fucking busy and i got nothing in mind, i hate the fact that everyone keep asking me about getting a gf. I'm fucking TIRED of it. if i think i will get, then i will get! hehe. Kalau takda gf camner na…