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Mana Mungkin

Hati yang lara,
siapakah dusta,
adakah engkau sebisa siapa,
mengubah aku cinta,

yakinkan diri,
inginku berlari,
mencipta rindu,
yang ku tahu,
mana mungkin kan terjadi..

kau bak lautan,
yang ku nantikan,
mutiara kan hilang,
cinta ini yang terhalang,

mana mungkin,
ku bertahan,
ku jadi begini..

mana mungkinkan ku kembali..


Nidji - Hapus Aku

Kutuliskan kesedihan
Semua tak bisa kau ungkapkan
Dan kita kan bicara dengan hatiku Buang semua puisi
Antara kita berdua
Kau bunuh dia sesuatu
Yang kusebut itu cintaReff:
Yakinkan aku Tuhan
Dia bukan milikku
Biarkan waktu waktu
Hapus aku…Sadarkan aku Tuhan
Dia bukan milikku
Biarkan waktu waktu
Hapus aku…- Nidji/HapusAku


Everybody asked me to update my blog, i was like, whyyyy? macamlah blog aku ni setanding ngan blog gossip lain kan kan. hahaha. well, im very tired and i just feel so useless right now, i just wanna jump and forget all the problems away. Sometimes, i feel that life is not fair but the fact is that life is actually very fair, wait!, no not really, cause i didnt get into UiTM. LOL. ;P if i didnt get the rayuan jawapan, i will go to Lim Kok Wing, diploma in Graphic Design! can meet someone there, i have repeated it so many times. hahaha

Okay, im so stressed up about work. I have so many things to write, the Mandalay fashion thingy, MNG, Jimmy Choo. I want to go to Europe Fashion Week. So GLAMMMMOUR! hahahhaa

Okay fine, i think it is lame. Anyway, i think that i dont need anyone imean gf la, because i have close my heart for love. Hahaha, flirting is fine. Only certain people, that i told them abt me being who who. :P hahaha

Anyway, i gotta be good and im so bored being a good person, i real…


hey, im sorry for not updating my blog, work has stole my time preciously. Yesterday, i went to an event, Mandalay, Rafflesia jewellery. It was fine, met d artist. tons of them. I fucking love nora danish, she is soooo cute!. So does others. I tak sempat tegur Ash cause i dont think he can even remember me from mt6 anymore. hahaha. :)

Anyway, it was breeze and cold day cause it was raining. well, carsosa seri negara is a cool place to be at but it's so fucking boring. okay. oh, i just realised, i spent 150 on transport this month only and 82 on topman and the rest for food. Im broke now. i need some job to get money so i can look my best with my new appearance later. Please, get me another part time job, im crazy for money, well, gigolo might be an option too.

joking !

i gotta go now!




Jimmy Choo

Hey, been busy lately with work. im kinda stressed about my studies, i didnt get into UiTm, got rejected actually, so now i already did the ryauan thingy, have to wait until july, if i didnt get, im goin to local college, and that is... Lim Kok Wing, doing graphic design! I can catch my eyes on someone that is.... cant tell you! :P

I told jiar abt ______. so done. :P:P

Im myself now, nothing much. Okay,
better off now, im goin to Jimmy Choo Media previw at JW Marriot!



The MUNnnnday

yesterday, teh busiest day ever, i worked from 8.30am til 11pm :) sound crazy yes, this is me, photojournalist, graphic designer,creative assistant. haha, yes, the magazine layout has yet to be done cause the people at the GD dprt all cuti sial, 2 weeks, how to run a magazine like this, i, and other two freelance has to cover all the job! yesterday, i went to VOIR fashion show at MidV, was okay better than mng. :) hehehe

I cant wait to control this building as soon i finish up my study, wait, tomorrow the upu thingy keluar, sial, im scared. hopefully dapat, if tak, Lim Kok Wing or IAACT is My Destiny. :P:P

Okay, gotta hit off, my work tak siap lagi. :P

you guys should listen to Natasha Beddingfield new song, SOULMATE, fucking sedap. :P

okay, see ya!