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Transformers has always been my all time favourite hero.. :P i watched it yesterday for free and it is worth goddamn! BESt gila... and
shia labeouf mmg cool gila, he will be the next oscar winner. :P

Rating : 10 star out of 10.



Of Kampun Baru & Asia Cafe

Hey, it's me again!

Yesterday was quite fun.. jiji pick me up around 9pm n we pick up arriz and jojo and ou.. went straight his house. then jazli came to his so does fixx. first, we went to eat nasi lemak antarabangsa , nak cari the place fixx bawak kete pergh sesat gak ahahaha. then we makan, wow all of them buat second round, i cannot seh. jojo drank 5 glass of air sejuk. then we all head our butt to asia cafe, played fossball. then we went to hartamas for a drink.. hehe.. but the fun fact was we were laughing our ass off in the car with shafiq and jazli, lawak gila.. jojo jiji n arriz diff car. :P

hope could do it often.


Potluck Gathering

Hey, it was awesome well atleast i think it is. Thank people for coming to the gathering, maybe next time we should go clubbing for our next gathering. well, the food were good. and im happy cause the people that i expected to come, they came. but yeah one two didnt make it up. Well, we hang out, lepak, gossip and all.

Ended around 11pm. im so glad to see aqi, miss her tons. dhee too! gila bapak lama tak jumpa kan then we all meet like yesterday, best! after day, i did some cleaning then 11.30pm we chow-ed to hartamas.. (jiji, arriz, me, jojo & shafiq) we had a drinks. then we went to players i think the name it is. we hang out there for awhile then hit the road to kl. we went to lorong haji taib, god, crazy madness.. we saw lots of bapuk, pondan, mak nyah. and some of them is so fucking hot okay! gila hot! macam pussycat dolls ada gak almost nampak tetek. :P

okay then we drove around the heritage row to see the 'real' ladies.. haha yeah caught few looking so slutty. then we…


sorry guys. im so sorry for not updating my blog for so long. been busy as hell. anyway i'll be free for the whole next week. Well, tomoro ada shooting with Yvoone Lee, the author of the book apatah. then, wednesday, fashion shoot 9.30am - 2pm (13 clothes my part), 4pm-6pm teaching, 6.30pm-9pm shu uemura event. khamis, perasmian restaoran at kl 10am-?, avon 1.30pm shangri la. friday - potluck gathering at my place. Saturday - fashion shoot. sunday, someone suprise's party. argh.. tension~!

Anyway, to my closed damansara utama high school batch 2007 friends, you are invited to our potluck gathering on d 29th of june, 8pm till late. take note, i will confirm the invite list by tomorrow?! Okay?

my address? sms me if you wanna know okay.

mwah. tc!


Although i didnt receive any single present from anyone that close to me, i didnt feel sad so except for an emporio armani t-shirt from trina & a rm 50 note from aunt. It's been stressful year for me. with my family being so pain in the ass. my brother, abidin couldnt make his choice on his love life. my 2nd bro couldnt really forget his ex. and my sis graduated and get into a dean's list so people start to compare she and me.

I couldnt stop thinking why people like you, imean my old friend.. i will just disclose your name. three of you has been so fuck up and sombong to the maximum level. you, A have been not lepaking with me so much. B, being so fuck n just think abt yourself and H, being the pain in the ass. I feel that we should just ignore our relationship as friends and end it sooner is the better.

Close story. i kind of hate myself cause i couldnt get a girlfriend. Imean, i have been single almosty two years now. all my friends pun macam setengah dah ada and setengah …

Happy birhday!

Happy birthday to myself on 12th june 07. and shafiq b on 9th june. today, Azni b'day. happy birthday!

Thanks to Jiar, Chin & Tati for the pre-birthday dinner. :) love them to bits.

I'll post all the pics l8.

Thanks to everyone who wished to me. Love y'all.

Songs worth listening;
Noryn Aziz - Lara
Natasha Bedingfield - Say it again
Hetty Koes Endang / Dayang Nurfaizah(cover) - Kasih
Melly Goeslaw - Gantung
Freelance Hellraiser - Want You To Know

Okay, here is the lyric of LARA ;

Percaya kataku itu hanya kisah lalu
Diri sendiri jalani hari
Lupakan semua mimpi yang semakin jauh kini

Pergilah saja dari sisi tak perlu kembali
Cukup sekadar lara sepi sampai di sini

Cintaku padamu masih ada
Diri sendiri jalani hari
Lupakan semua mimpi yang semakin jauh kini

Diri sendiri jalani hari-hari
Lupakan semua mimpi yang semakin jauh ini



Hey, I'm back from my short hiatus. I've been so stressed lately. banyakbendadokfikir. all the problem fall in at the same time! house,company,staff problems make me headache so much, i mean how can a 17years old boy can be so stress with all these problem. sakitjiwa babe! macam too much!

some people see the different side of me, while my friends know who am i. I can pretend, i can fake too. Imean i can pretend that i like you but actually i kind of hate you. LOL.

If i dont get to study at UiTM, it's fine cause Form 6 will be my resort. cool huh? I think its a great opportunity to study. I think i will be schooling at St. John laa.. cause i tak nak Samad. mcm boring jer like what i heard from my friends.

one of the practical girl at my office, she interview dafi parents that other day. haha. she told me that his mom macam baik gila and masa she nak balik, the mother ask the driver to send her back to OU. gila gempak seh!

Anyway, i think people should concern about themselves b…

only hope

im going to be away for some reason that i can't help. really in the midst of emotion crack.

I've lost myself.