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hey will be back at kl on 6th of oct. c u peeps. mwah!


hey, nothing much i can say. its worth staying here. but i kinda hate those people yang caused the bad names to Public Admin. fuck them. anyway, its fun staying here, i finally know who is the friends of mine. :) i like a girl and she like me too. LOL. i can die happily now.

i love new songs from
maroon 5 - wake up call.
britney spears - gimme more
rihanna - shut up and drive
duran duran - nite runner

go download urself those songs!

:) i miss friends at KL. im shifting to a new home at Sunway SPK so guys dont bother posting me any kad raya to the TTDI Add.. i will give u all my new address aite?

Puasa is coming so have fun while puasa is not in yet.. go buat dosa dulu k?
haha.. i have tons of asgmt and im lazy to do them,

tcare. love love

sms me if u guys free. tq