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ziana and me

dafi and me

most wanted pics:
Dato' Jimmy Choo and me!

Teman Bicara

Situasi ini menghantuiku
maafkanku jika menganggu
Ku hanya ingin meluah
sekadar melepas isi di hati

Kau terpaut padaku
Kau memberi semangat
agar aku terus hidup
meniti hari-hari ini

Kau tahu ku tak bisa
Kau tahu ku tak mampu
Kita sekadar teman bicara
Jangan diluah
Kelak, kau jua kan sakit

Kau sentiasa disisi
menjadi teman bicara
disampingku sentiasa
jangan menanti
kita hanya sekadar teman bicara..

Kata Terakhir

Cinta yang lahir
dari hati yang luhur
Tercipta buatmu
tanpa ragu

Adakah harus aku menanti
untuk mencintaimu
yang hanya dimindaku
yang tak mampu ku hapusi

Adakah maaf kata terakhirmu
agar kita berpisah begitu
hanya dirimu dalam ingatan
yang tak mampu ku hilangkan

Kembali kasih
apa harus ku lakukan
andai maaf kata terakhirmu


Life been busy since i dont even know when! haha i went to Villemont, i got a cap and starhill gallery chocolate. went to BLU, got the glass table pot. on the same, in the evening, went to salvador dali, i got a parfume of Black Sun by Salvador Dali. Yesterday, i went to Aldo launching, i got a sun-glasses cost=RM84 and a working bag cost RM300. wow right. today am going to Coach launching at Pavilion, KL and after party at Westin Hotel.

Busy, Busy.

Well, last night, hang out at Yasmin's crib, was nice and okay because everyone was so tired... except jojo. :) so the energy wasnt there last nite. hmm, now im quite chilling at the office at the mo' because i cant open my office email, i need to see if there a new email coming in or not. damn. :) i need to check if there new invitations. :)

hehe. okay c ya

of working & partying

yes, i work. and my work is part of the fashion world and all.. and the most terrific is going to the after party, yes. :) this week alone, i have lots of work and after party to attend. dont be jealous, lemme mention the events, VILLEMONT, Richard Mille, Coach, Salvador Purplelips, BLU,Aldo, and many more to date.. hehe i got freebies and goodies to bring home, but mostly i will just give it to my family or myself eventually. :)

im going to Villemont launch at starhill gallery now. :) see ya.