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5th April!

The day i'll be celebrating a grand occasional of my family.. will get together with my family from penang, kelantan, thailand, sarawak :)

will be a grand day for us! Will you be there? haha the invited ones only will be. ngeh!

will update the photos soon.. and the 21st march photos too!

I'll be flying home this friday... 4th april :) 4.05pm by MAS.. LOL

c you my besties.. miss you guys so much.. on sunday lets go for a movie and lepaking :):)

Halo friends!

hail from samarahan! I've been so busy these days, i dont really have much time to keep up writing this blog, what i can say now is im kinda sick but im okay.. just a little of cough and flu.. maybe it is the weather changes make me feel this way. SICK! haha

I'll be back to straight to my brother wedding, the akad nikah will be on 21st and sanding of perempuan side will be on 22nd of march, will be flying straight from here to penang as im going to stay at my grandma place for awhile then they will pick me up from penang to kedah.

Im pretty much crazy as lots of problem hold in my head.. can't get them out.. I hope i can just be free as bird flying here and there.

Don't miss me too much, you'll be sick too.