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Hi, i guess this is my last entry. I will be deleting this blog soon. I just get frustrated with life, friends and people. If you wish to contact or anything, please do so by e-mail or call/sms me at / 017 27 600 21. Oh, i will be changing my number to a new one as soon as i get back to my Sarawak residence.

I will be deleting friends from Myspace. I will change everything about me. Don't be bother to think about me anymore. If i really think you are my friends, i'll keep you in memory and will contact you. If not, i won't be contacting with you anymore.

I just need a peace of time, life so i can rebuild my life back. Ive been someone i'm not all this while. I just hate the feeling of being used and so on. If i did ever offended you or anyone in this blog, i just wanna say sorry and hope everything will be better for you and your life.

If i didn't reply to your message or return your phone call/sms, understand it yourself that i don't bother t…

What About Me?

I don't know why for some reason, why gossip girl has been affecting all my friends and all they said after they watched it was "you are Nate. similarity is there." "YOU ARE HOT LIKE HIM" "you are just so NATE!" I get confused and felt 'blah' if you get what i mean here.

I know Nate is rich/hot/handsome/fit body = zainalafnan is NOT rich/hot/handsome/fit body.
So, i still don't know why people said I'm alike NATE or his real name chacecrawford! Why? WHY? can you tell me why? cause i don't know the reason. I need you to reply to this post OK?


Anyway, i guess the feeling of wanting someone is over. I'm totally over it. It just a crazee feeling to have one when you are actually not ready to be or to have someone by your side. But i do much appreciate the people who close to me. Its not they want to mengorat me or what, its just they believe in being my friends. I lost a circle of friends w…

Goyang Kepala

I got this inspiration to write a lyrics when i was on motorcycle way back to my home just now from events. Its called Goyang Kepala.

Goyang kepala
ikut suka hati
jangan merana
nanti terguris

ubah laluan
elak cedara
kau bukan aku
tak bisa tahu
yang itu
mana satu

aku mencari-cari
apakah erti
yang sebenarnya
goyang kepala

oh.. ohh..
mari kita bergolek
atas taman
macam dulu
mereka terus
goyang kepala
melihat aksi kita

tak paham
tak ngerti
boleh jalanlah
jangan ikutan
oh oh

goyang kepala
goyang badan
ikut suka hati
mahu hidup
mahu pergi
suka hati kita



Oh people, if you really meant to say thank you to everyone, say it with your sincerity, if you dont want to say it, dont say it. If you hate everyone, say it. If you think you are good enough, go ahead and be yourself. :) bing! i love the quote from someone i knew. really.. im getting money tomorrow! yeaho, shopping spree. let's go!

Oh people, dont waste your time on someone who doesnt appreciate you or else, you might feel hatred. Things can get worst, you will lost you humanity. So, try be more practical and go look for someone better. Thats what i always do...

And, im glad for people who has been there for me.. who told me things that i wanna hear, JIAR, KIKI, DOT. They know who i am and how i feel about life. :)

Thanks loves.



Hi, its been such a boring day.

Anyway, here my list to do for tomorrow.

attend fashion soiree at Isetan KLCC 10am
sign up for my ptptn / asb at kl sentral
collect merchandise from 2oth fox century at damansara
meet up with someone.

oh, it's just another plain bored day. :)
i just make a decision; i want to be a model. :) ohayy.
i wanna have a meet up with all my sayangs and the people i really wanna meet XD so badly!