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It's Over

It's Over. That's me.

Nothing more to elaborate.



Im going crazy. Have to diet. Next semester's coming months soon. Ive start planning things! Final exam is near. Start on 21/4/09 finish on 8/5/09.

21/4- Pad 254: Personnel Admin.
26/4 - Pad 260: Office Management
28/4 - Eco 162: Microeconomic
7/5 - Acc164: Financial Accounting
8/5 - Law245: Malaysia Legal System

Dayum, gotta study hard.

Im coming for a short trip to home, KL.

Flight - 3rd april / 21.50pm kuching - 23.30pm kl
- 6th april / 8.50am kl - 10.30am kuching

that's current news from me.

Im gonna smile even tough i feel so fake, loser and etc about me.

Thats me.