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And now im the new Publicity Exco for my course society. I and firna switched our portfolio designation as she will be the new Special Task Exco for this semester!

Hooray. I will lead the Publicity board and rock the society with news and juiciest story ever!
I also got myself an assistant for the post, Arina, a part 3 student will be helping me out for this whole semester running!

That's it.


Im leaving you.

Yes. It's the time again. Im leaving you all. Take Care and lots of love from me. Will update more when i reach there.




Bye, Allahyarham Mikael Abdullah (Michael Jackon).

maybe Allah S.W.T bless you in your death.

Take Care!


bz shooting sana sini. going off starting friday. finally. :)


In the office. Going to Nikko Hotel in 15 Minutes for cover shooting. :)


I need to slim down to 10kg atleast.

i cant wait to stop eating all of the food.

have to repay one day of fasting. :)

Yesterday Streetstyle.


Love Like Mad


A Lot Like Love.

a beautiful love, a guy chased a girl,
a girl accept him and they be forever together.
I see the big picture of them,
but how about me?
when will the time come for me...?
that's the question i can't never answer.

wear mine

I hear them say
those words are hanging through
And i said, no worry no worry
because it's just a pain to go through

I got myself a hello
in the evening that color bright me
i got no one to be
like like you care

and and and i
just want to love someone like you
and to make you mine
is it possible
because i know it is funny

like like the kids
like the momma said 'that's hurt'
but that's life, you gotta bear with it
no no no, i will try someday

you wear the picture
like it was just yesterday
when we were still together
in those lovely summer

let's hear them say this
"you two so perfect together'
one day they will
cause they know we are so cute
like cat and mice

copyright - zayn