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August Rush

I will just summarized my august moments as this month is the most hectic month ever!

- Keluar masuk court UiTM (Case: AJK MASPENA dituduh Meragging budak)) <- which is not true at all.
- Had a miscommunication with my friends.
- Almost being quaraintined because of my high fever... H1N1. WTF?!
- Tons of assignment and projects!
- Quit being an exco and the rest of the exco also quit!
- ETR.. ETR...
-Duit keluar macam air.
- Tension tak dapat subsidi makanan. sedih kan?
- Me n my level mates always cook for sahur... :)

Ok. Thats it


Happy Fasting!

Selamat Menyambut Bulan Ramadhan To All.