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For long. I guess.


I haven't been blogging since ever. Since my accident the other day while on the way to KL Sentral to catch my flight to Kuching. It was damn bad. Seriously. Enough of that.

On 16th Jan 2010, I declared myself with a girl name Hermeella Hassan, a daughter of a pilot and a housewife. She's very smart, matured and funny. I just don't know, i just love her for everything she does and whom she is and not what she is. :)

I've passed down my position to a junior... no longer an active exco anymore. Will get a holiday throughout this semester which im very happy of.

Im coming back to KL this wednesday for my beloved cousin's wedding, Dahlia & Loque. On top of all of this, Im going to Miri again and Brunei for the 1st time during the CNY break with all my coursemates. Trippo!

Everything & everyday seems great so far for me. Things happened naturally and hopefully, I'll be alright this year. Insha-Allah.

I miss everyone.

Love one for all.




Assalamualaikum W.B.T.

it's 010110.

1st entry of the year!