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I really don't know why i have left this blog unintended by myself. It may be caused my severe major breakdowns i had few months back after the break ups, my sickness appeared. And i really don't know what to say, what to write, what to do, what to be.

I've been diagnosed with High Blood Pressure and my heartache from when i was a baby, start to become active. I know it's a serious problem, but im dealing in a great condition. Well, i keep stressful things out of my head. I closed up all the drama's and shitty that happened. I really can't stop hating. It's because that the hatred grows itself in my heart.

Well, i started to become ME after i was diagnosed with HBP... since i had the mild stroke for 2 hours, i stopped myself from smoking, but then, i started smoking back cus i can't deal with the pressure. I was becoming a different person with, the anger, the delusional , the hatred, the pain, the sadness. I couldn't bear holding up only to myself. I…