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I'm Back, No?

Salam and Hi everyone!

It's been awhile. Really awhile, no? I've left this blog unintended for so long. A year plus. Let's see how long I've not write any single entry to this blog!

Gila lama kan?
I have been very busy lately for the past one year. Life has changed and i'm moving on to some variety steps of life that offered me. I have met hundred of new friends, lose hundred and yet, i gain few back in return. Alhamdulillah. So far, life has been so full of obstacles that I've gone under and through. Without the blessings of the merciful Allah S.W.T. I doubt that i'll be able to stand here in this world again and able to post an entry to this blog. Syukur!
Somehow, i have come to this stage where i think and i do believe that friends are not longer becoming an asset in life, it's more to as a liability in life... but you do need keep few ones who willing to be there when you're in ups or downs...
As i said, in my past years post, i always concerned on …