Tefal Launch New Product "Press & Steam IS6300"

KUALA LUMPUR, 25 August 2014 Tefal, the world’s leading cookware and small home appliances maker, introduces the Tefal Press and Steam IS6300 for optimised ergonomics while gaining perfect steaming results in a short period of time. This garment steamer easily removes wrinkles on various types of fabric thanks to the exclusive and patented ‘Roll and Press’ system which provides a sturdy vertical support when extended for fast and efficient steaming.  This newly designed garment steamer quickly sanitises and eliminates odours from clothes too.

The Tefal Press and Steam IS6300 is fitted with Tefal’s patented ‘Roll and Press’ system, which provides a flat surface for users to press the garments against and holds them in place while steaming. This feature grants users the freedom of movement as it frees one hand for more comfort.

The ‘Roll and Press’ system composes of glass fibre and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) coating, thereby rendering it a perfect resistance to heat, steam and stretches. The mesh-type textile lets steam pass through and prevents water condensation. The ‘Roll and Press’ system is convenient to store due its easy rolling material and telescopic pole.

Powered at a maximum of 1550 Watts, the Tefal Press and Steam IS6300 is made for professional performance as it produces a powerful 30grams per minute of steam within 60 seconds, garnering 60 minutes of autonomy. The large steam head allows for faster steaming as it covers more fabric surface in one-go. This quick heat up allows users to easily remove wrinkles on all kinds of fabric, while it sanitises and eliminates odours found on clothes immediately.

The compact Tefal Press and Steam IS6300 is designed to be practical, highly ergonomic and convenient. It features an aluminium profiled telescopic pole for easy storage, the innovative ‘Tilt and Go’ system with large wheels for easy transportation and a removable 2.4 litres (80oz) water tank for easy refilling. It also has an On/Off switch with an indicator light, whereby you can easily tap on the switch with your foot to turn on or off the garment steamer.

Proving to be a versatile product, the Tefal Press and Steam IS6300 garment steamer comes with a large integrated hanger for shirts and jackets, rotative clips to easily hang pants and skirts, and a hanger hook to use your own hanger. The soft-to-touch steam hose and electrical cord hook are safety features that make it a reliable product for all to use.

The Tefal Press and Steam IS6300 garment steamer certainly proves to be a nifty invention as it comes with a range of three accessories to enhance its performance for different tasks. This includes a fabric brush that opens the weave of the fabric for better steam penetration, thus making it ideal for removing creases on thick fabrics.  The delicates steam cap provides even distribution of steam, as it filters water impurities and protects fabrics from water drips. The garment steamer also has a separate lint pad that removes hair, lint and animal fur in order to gain a professional finish.

The Tefal Press & Steam IS6300 will be available in main department stores and electrical specialists by September 2014 at the retail price of RM659.


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