Quick 4 With Jason Mraz!

Photo Courtesy of Warner Music Malaysia
How do you feel about the success of your track “I’m Yours” providing a “greater awareness” which appealed to diverse audiences?
I love it, that was probably the song that really opened my eyes and ears to it. That was the moment when I started to be more conscious of how and what I was writing - creating songs that are full of affirmations, celebrations and optimistic views.

Can any human get on board with this? Can anyone, from any nation, can they as a human being feel the humanity in this song?
I try not to make it about me specifically and keep in mind that it really is about what we are humans are feeling and going through.

Your lead single “Love Someone” in Yes! has been used as soundtrack for a few marriage proposals, what are your thoughts?
Anytime someone uses one of my songs for anything – a ceremony or a sacred moment – that to me is a high honor. I’m proud of the song at that point because I’m trying to write something for humans – whichever humans want to get on board and put this in their soundtrack to their soul’s development or spiritual lives.

One of your best friends came out to you during your senior year of high school, did this affect your views on civil rights?
When he came out to me it blew my mind. I thought that was so courageous because of the potential for abuse and the potential for violence – it was something that I worried about for him. But I also thought it was the coolest thing anyone could do, and from then on I knew I wanted to support him and anyone else who was courageous enough to just be themselves.

What are your hopes for the future?
By the time my children are born, I know it’s possible that they can grow up in a world where they don’t understand that there were ever any dividers between people and why we have the issues we do today. That’s my goal in this life. To just clean it all up so that by the time my kids are born and they’re adults they’ll only read about it in history books.

Photo & Interview Courtesy of Warner Music Malaysia.


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